Sucid Delivers First SAP Testing Product For Business Users

This enables large enterprises to reduce SAP test budgets by millions of dollars, increase test coverage to improve SAP quality and maintain comprehensive, continuous functional regression testing to ensure business continuity. The simplest form of SAP software testing is functional testing. SAP functional test cases execute individual SAP transactions and test to see that the has been rolled into production and the scripting consultants leave. As changes are made to SAP, test scripts begin to fail, and no one is left at the company to maintain them. Companies cannot afford to permanently staff expensive teams of developers to keep test suites up-to-date. Within a few months, most of the test cases no longer run properly, and businesses are left without the means to effectively test SAP as changes continue to be made to the applications.
Sucid Function uniquely addresses these challenges by focusing completely on SAP. While other test automation products are generic and are built to handle any application architecture – Web, client/server, Citrix and others – Sucid Function was built from the ground up specifically to automate SAP software testing. Sucid Function is written largely in ABAP and is embedded into the SAP application server itself, so it is has unmatched visibility into the internals of the SAP applications. This is critical to automating test tasks, and it makes the test cases created using Sucid Function very resilient to change. It also means that business users can interact with Sucid Function using the SAP user interface, with which they are very comfortable.
Sucid will begin its first implementation of Sucid Function with one of its Fortune 500 customers during the month of May. “We are very excited to add this SAP functional and regression test automation product to our product line,” said David Wilson, president and CEO of Sucid. “Combined with our products for SAP load, stress and performance test automation, Sucid can now meet all our customers’ needs for SAP testing in a way that no other vendor can.”

Source: Sucid