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What are SAP Business One’s unique selling points in comparison to mySAP All-In-One?

It’s designed for smaller midmarket businesses looking for core business process management features such as financials, CRM, vendor management, purchasing and selling, and reporting and analysis. mySAP All-in-One includes the same core functionality, but adds industry-specific process capabilities and enhanced toolsets.

Some highlights of SAP Business One include enhanced MRP, CRM, seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, improved financials & logistics, improvements in usability, an integrated layout designer tool, new functionality in the software development kit, extended platform support including DB2 Express and Sybase, and compatibility with Windows XP SP2.

Does SAP Business One share the same underlying architecture as other SAP offerings?

SAP’s midmarket solutions were designed to enable businesses to easily scale their business processes along with their growth. Customers that want to transition from SAP Business One to mySAP All-in-One can do so conveniently. SAP Business One can be easily adapted to changing business conditions and new requirements, without creating a heavy, ongoing IT burden. For instance, users can quickly modify and adjust the solution to support different business requirements or comply with customer mandates that change over time. There is also minimal effort to reintegrate modifications into new versions of the solution, thus eliminating the frustration and costs typically associated with upgrades. Through seamless integration with other applications, companies can leverage investments in existing systems or take advantage of new technologies.

Who would you consider are SAP Business One’s main competitors in the market? And how will you compete against them?

There is no competitor that offers a full spectrum of solutions for businesses throughout their entire growth cycle. Microsoft and small point-solution vendors may be targeting the SMB space as well, but do not offer solutions that can truly scale along the complete business lifecycle. In Malaysia, as in all other markets, whoever delivers the most value to the customer will win. Since SAP offers scalability, integration, industry expertise and best practices specifically designed around midmarket needs, we will succeed at serving midmarket businesses in Malaysia.

Up to how many users and what functionalities can SAP Business One support before it is no longer feasible for an organization to continue using SAP Business One?

SAP Business One can meet the needs of businesses that have 10 to several hundred users with basic business processes not requiring a high degree of industry-specific functionality. As an organization grows or focuses on a particular market niche, they can move to mySAP All-in-One for more specific micro-vertical features.

It is understood that the partners reselling SAP Business One are different from those who are reselling SAP’s other offerings. Why so and what particular value do these new partners bring to the table?

These partners understand local and industry requirements, providing Malaysian midmarket businesses with solutions matched to their exact local needs. The partners offer one-stop-shops for all the hardware, software, services, and support that the midmarket needs to implement and drive ROI from SAP Business One. They also provide customers with implementation and training services for SAP Business One.

To date, how many SAP Business One partners and customers does SAP have in Malaysia?

There are four partners — Headstart Infinitium, Multiple Intelligence Network, Selatan Technology, and Croesus IT Solutions. Meanwhile, we have eight customers today and they are Batu Kawan Berhad Heavea Products, Kam Wah Trading, Continental Point, NTR Resources, Taiko Marketing, Taiko Bleaching Earth, Taiko Drum Industries, and Malay-Sino Chemical Industries.