Infosys Contributes to the Success of the Airbus A380 Program

Infosys’ involvement in the project included the design and development of structural components. Infosys worked on the design and development of the top and bottom skin extensions within the inner fixed trailing edge for the Airbus A380. Infosys also played a key role in developing tools and processes for product life cycle management. Commenting on the success of the project, Franco Gonsalves, Vice President, Automotive and Aerospace Unit, Infosys Technologies Limited, said “Infosys’ work comprised of high-end engineering tasks. It was an excellent example of how Infosys’ Global Delivery Model can be used in such advanced engineering and design work. Using Infosys’ product design and development skills, we were able to deliver cost effective development solutions for Airbus. For Airbus, this resulted in shorter lead-times and faster roll-out, which in turn reduced the program cost.
Coupled with engineering knowledge and process understanding, Infosys also helped Airbus develop and deploy software solutions including: interface with legacy data archiving and distribution systems, enhancement of data exchange applications for the extended enterprise, interface with SAP, key characteristics and tolerance management. In the past three years, Infosys has put in over 100 man years of effort in the areas of engineering design, analysis, support, engineering process and IT solutions development, testing and deployment. The engineering group at Infosys is also focused on developing embedded solutions, product design and PLM solutions for the aerospace and automotive industries. Infosys is also the only Indian company to achieve the AS/EN 9100 certification in Aerospace.

Source: Infosys Technologies Limited