Kimberly-Clark Deploys RFID Software Solution from SAP and OATSystems

The solution delivers a complete radio frequency identification (RFID) infrastructure that provides best-of-breed functionality and fully leverages existing investments in SAP solutions, including SAP’s leading RFID capabilities within its SAP NetWeaver platform. The standardized interfaces deployed by Kimberly-Clark will minimize total ownership cost and optimize RFID integration for joint customers. Working closely with SAP and OAT, Kimberly-Clark provided input on the appropriate interfaces between SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure and the OAT Foundation Suite. In selecting the solution, Kimberly-Clark aimed to create a highly automated and fully supported RFID infrastructure, linking RFID devices to the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure and mySAP ERP. Kimberly-Clark sought to reduce its long-term operating costs for its RFID environment with a flexible configuration enabling a seamless migration to future upgrades. At the same time, Kimberly-Clark created more efficient business processes by implementing standardized best practices for pallet building and commissioning.
“We have been impressed by the level of collaboration between SAP and OAT,” said Mike O’Shea, director, Auto-ID Sensing Technology, Kimberly-Clark. “The resulting interfaces enable us to standardize our RFID infrastructure with the two leaders in the market, thus minimizing our cost of ownership and improving our RFID business integration capabilities.” The interfaces can be replicated at other joint customer locations to achieve similar results. OAT provided best practices for RFID and electronic product code (EPC) technology to build context, automate edge processes and provide flexibility to enable changing processes as needed. “Kimberly-Clark’s role in the interface development between SAP and OAT solutions is another example of their continued leadership in RFID,” said Prasad Puta, CEO, OATSystems. “Not only does this deliver lower TCO for Kimberly-Clark, but by standardizing the interfaces, this same solution is available to all joint SAP and OAT customers.”
The solution will utilize SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure in a number of ways, including managing the allocation of EPC number ranges by stock-keeping unit and customer order. SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure will also be used to create unique pallet IDs, control all information flowing into mySAP ERP and be the system of record of enterprise-wide EPC information. “This is another great example of a market-leading solution developed during our long-standing relationship with Kimberly-Clark,” said Claus Heinrich, executive board member, SAP. “The resulting solution is unique in the market and is fully supporting SAP’s vision of real-world awareness.”

Source: SAP AG