Struttin’ the Red Carpet

The curtain’s up on a new solution for small and midsize entertainment and media companies. Media FINALE, NEXPLICIT’s mySAP All-in-One offering, streamlines mission-critical industry processes, from tracking marketing and customer profitability to performing financial reporting by title and media, with attention paid to royalty and participation statements. With a better grip on processes, companies can improve project flow, reduce working capital requirements, and get to market more quickly.
Non-integrated systems and manual processes can spoil the show for small to midsize entertainment and media companies. But Media FINALE automates, integrates and streamlines systems and numerous business processes – and does so for a fixed price and timeline that’s perfect for companies with limited IT budgets and a small cast of IT personnel.

Music to media execs’ ears

With a price that starts at just $260,000, Media FINALE is an affordable mySAP All-in-One package. And NEXPLICIT can implement the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in as little as 13 weeks.
As a result, power players in small and midsize media and entertainment companies can benefit from NEXPLICIT’s expertise in driving business process improvements across everything they do. They can also leverage the industry best practices within mySAP All-in-One and SAP’s proven implementation methodology.
Media executives are sure to appreciate the ability of Media FINALE to deliver support for the four major entertainment industry requirements:

  • Long-term contract management
  • Deferred revenue recognition
  • Harmonized cash and accrual reporting
  • Extended general ledger for title, market and territory financial reporting

With Media FINALE, companies can now create sales contracts with extended billing plans to cover multiple fiscal years, and flexible revenue recognition based on street or release date. Leveraging SAP’s industry-leading business intelligence capabilities, companies can manage and harmonize accrual and cash-basis reporting, giving them a single point for data entry. This reduces the time and effort required to record and analyze accrual and cash activities.
Media FINALE also provides companies with the ability to report full balance sheet and profit and loss statements by title, media, territory and customer. Utilizing SAP Business Warehouse, companies can produce participation and royalty statements combining both cash and accrual revenues and expenses.
Media FINALE also gives companies like Culver Studios – a diverse full-service production facility supporting feature film, television, commercials, music videos, still shoots, special events and rehearsals – room to grow.
“Culver Studios had a distinct set of criteria in mind when it selected a strategic partner, and NEXPLICIT best fit the bill,” says Wayne Rauschenberger, VP of Finance and Administration of Culver Studios. “NEXPLICIT showed us we could implement an affordable SAP ERP solution that would support our $20M company today and grow with us in the future. Together with NEXPLICIT, we utilized SAP tools, best practices and business management platform to optimize our financial and reporting processes.”

Off the charts operational efficiency

The Media FINALE solution enables entertainment and media companies to manage both the big picture and the smallest of details to achieve maximum operational efficiency, clear differentiation and return on investment. All this leads to streamlined production costs and faster time to market in an increasingly competitive entertainment industry.
NEXPLICIT says the software market is just as challenging. “The small and midsize business software and solutions marketplace is growing increasingly competitive today,” said Hemant Agrawal, CEO of NEXPLICIT. “By partnering with SAP to create integrated solutions such as Media FINALE, we can offer a robust out-of-the-box solution that gives us an additional competitive edge over other vendors.”
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Christine Macfarlane
Christine Macfarlane