IBIS Prof. Thome Serves as Official Content Partner of SAP

IBIS’s “RBE Plus 2005“ offers the latest content, extended reporting tools and scalable services that make RBE Plus an absolute must for many use analysis implementation scenarios for productive SAP solutions. For integration with the SAP Solution Manager, RBE Plus evaluates system use in order to activate the predefined SAP processes in the SAP Solution Manager required by the cu customer. IBIS, as a think tank and developer of Methods and Tools in the SAP solutions environment, provides innovative solutions for the requirementsbased integration of organization and information processing. With its official status as “SAP Content Partner“ – worldwide – for RBE Plus Services and Products, IBIS has advanced to a preferred Content Partner for the development of business-analytic content for SAP solutions.
The Reverse Business Engineer and the wealth of content provided in IBIS’s RBE Plus facilitate the analysis of productive SAP solutions (as of SAP R/3 Version 3.0f) based on technical Basis and business administrative aspects. The use of transactions, enhancements, customizing, master and process data can be identified and evaluated. Compared with RBE 2.0 made available in 2001, IBIS in particular, urged on the content-related development of RBE check steps. The knowledge base has been extended in over 250 projects from approx. 300 to more than 12,000 check steps for mySAP Business Suite, achieving profitable use in a wide range of cases.
“Concerning upgrade projects, the most recent RBE Plus Content for mySAP ERP ECC 5.0 and the content release 140 for the SAP Solution Manager can significantly reduce the time needed to conduct preparatory situational and “clean up” analyses. At the same time, the projection and analysis of current SAP solutions in use in the target release’s reference structure affords the great advantage of quickly and effectively identifying the most important areas for upgrade potential and options for extension”, according to Dr. Andreas Hufgard, CEO of IBIS Prof. Thome AG. “By extending our partnership with IBIS for RBE Plus and integrating the analysis results into Solution Manager, we deliver a consistent solution, that creates transparency regarding process usage and customer value. It reduces the cost to integrate into Solution Manager and expedites related project”, says Rainer Zinow, Senior Vice President Research and Break Through Innovation. Meeting the performance criteria required for achieving the Content Partnership shows that IBIS Prof. Thome, next to possessing the scientifically sound knowledge necessary for the development of methods, tools and business contents, has much diverse practical and project-based experience, as well. The awarding of the certification contract is yet another show of confidence in the intensive cooperation between IBIS and SAP.

Source: IBIS Prof. Thome