it.consumer Industry Solution Gains SAP Approval

“We are delighted to have fully met the high requirements of SAP in terms of an industry solution in the consumer goods industry”, said Waliuollah Ali, Head of the Consumer Goods Industry division of itelligence AG, in response to the news. it.consumer is a customized solution for all mid-market companies in the food industry, offering complete functionality for the requirements of the sector. It is based on the SAP best practice solution and is supplemented by industry-typical functionalities such as broker processing, telephone sales and Green Dot invoicing. These preset core processes ensure shorter project lead times and therefore efficient, cost-effective launches.
SAP approval is awarded to industry solutions that meet the high SAP standard for technological compatibility and already incorporate extensive industry expertise. For example, for it.consumer, this means pre-settings for continuous batch traceability, integration of quality management and EDI communication with external partners. As one of the most successful consultancy firms in the world, SAP is rewarding itelligence for its work in the consumer goods industry. As a result of this, itelligence AG, which already has approval for it.consumer in the USA and became a Special Expertise Partner for mySAP consumer products in 2001, is now one of the leading SAP partners in this field.

Source: itelligence AG