Kings of Clean

When small, dynamic companies come up against obstacles to growth, people and profits suffer. Salamone Supplies was not about to let that happen to them. Salamone specializes in supplying janitorial equipment, cleaning supplies and products, and providing cleaning and repair services. They saw opportunities for growth and they asked et alia, an SAP Vertical Solution Reseller and SAP Business One partner, to help.
Salamone has earned great respect throughout Wisconsin for outstanding customer service. And in an industry that is considered “traditional,” Salamone chooses to be exceptional. They know that it costs five times more to find a new customer than to keep an existing customer happy. And that it takes twelve good service experiences to overcome a single bad one. These are good reasons for Salamone’s focus on customers, both in providing services and in selling janitorial and cleaning supplies and products. To enhance their position as “kings of clean,” Salamone set out on the hero’s journey to tackle the challenges ahead.

Sweeping out old ideas

Forward-looking Salamone does not let old, preconceived notions paint their world. Other janitorial companies typically run their businesses on niche janitorial supply packages, “safe” choices in their industry. But Salamone is not a “me too” kind of company. They value innovation, collaboration, and alliances. Thinking outside the box, they asked et alia to consult with them on an SAP Business One solution.
et alia focuses on SME wholesale trade companies — distributors and light manufacturers. They took on Salamone’s top challenges and delivered the SAP Business One solution, complete with hardware, installation, training, and ongoing IT support.
Simple yet powerful, SAP Business One addresses the core operational needs of SMEs like Salamone, and it provides them with the analytical tools to gain insight into operations.
“From one window I can sign in and view real-time information in all areas of my business, report on vendors or sales reps, view inventory totals, and call up customer information,” says Derek Salamone, president of Salamone Supplies. “Before SAP Business One, our data was stored in spreadsheets and contact records – none of which were held in a centrally accessible location. I’m thrilled that now there is only one version of the truth when it comes to my company information.”

Processes that gleam

et alia worked with the Salamone team to define business process priorities and address them in priority order. First on Salamone’s agenda: stock visibility. No longer reliant on “sneaker checks” to the warehouse, Salamone has a real-time view of stock availability. They can see it directly from the sales order or sales quotation, and give customers immediate forecasts for delivery. With this real-time view they can safely reduce inventory based on historical models and still ensure the best customer service.
According to Salamone, better control has enabled the company to increase inventory only when needed to meet demand. With SAP Business One Salamone is more confident and comfortable with the business and the information provided to run its business.
“We determined that SAP Business One was the perfect fit to help us control our inventory while meeting our customers’ needs,” comments Salamone. “With the help of et alia, we’ll be able to achieve our aggressive goals, taking advantage of the recovering economy.”
Next on the list: Business process efficiency. Salamone is now able to control company operations with their new solution that automates and streamlines all critical business processes, including financial management, warehouse management, purchasing, inventory, and CRM. With SAP Business One they can navigate simply and quickly through the system, thanks to an easy-to-use interface. They have immediate access to current data on business performance so they can work more efficiently – and get answers fast.
Third priority: price list management. SAP Business One enables Salamone to define any number of price lists and link them with customers or vendors. In addition, they can create dynamic links between price lists quickly and easily, updating the links automatically whenever the primary price list changes. Not only that, they can define special prices for individual customers and vendors.
And they can define quantity-specific prices that link to order volumes — with a validity period for each price list. They can even define discounts based on different terms of payment. With this level of control, Salamone management never worries about whether the correct pricing is on purchase orders. Account-specific product pricing is placed right on POs directly from the system.
And finally, SAP Business One allows Salamone to calculate sales commissions based on criteria they define. With the motivation of a solid commission structure in place, sales have increased as sales reps’ performance has improved. In fact, one of Salamone’s key sales people quadrupled his average sales.

Clear path to smart future growth

Looking back, Salamone reports that et alia’s local support and depth of business process experience factored into the decision that they made. Located just 15 minutes from Salamone, et alia continues to provide technical expertise on everything from hardware design and purchase to network setup and support. Acting as Salamone’s IT department, et alia delivers quick response time for onsite and remote support of the Salamone system.
Salamone wanted a top-performing partner, and they got it. And et alia knows something about customer satisfaction, too. In fact, in 2004 SAP America awarded et alia the Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Award for consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.
Salamone is now investigating online store capabilities to broaden their reach and enhance the total customer experience. SAP Business One enables them to think creatively in a traditional, old-line service industry.
Derek Salamone concludes, “Because of our growth we were at a point where we needed a complete solution to support our business. By automating our functions we’re able to grow smart while maintaining our distinguished customer service.”
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Christine Macfarlane
Christine Macfarlane