Not Just for the Fortune 500

Yet, in their drive to grow and compete, these businesses cannot afford to allow limited IT resources prevent the implementation of critical applications. SMEs need a solution that can make it easier, faster and more affordable to roll out, maintain and support mySAP ERP and portal applications across the organization. Specifically, managers need answers to such issues as data encryption, firewall traversal and the hardware upgrade cycle, while employees want a secure way to access all their applications from one interface.
What SMEs need is a simple, secure access solution tailored to their requirements, but proven by enterprises worldwide. Citrix Systems, Inc., an SAP Global Technology Partner and member of the SAP NetWeaver partner initiative, provides the solution. Citrix access infrastructure enables SMEs to make applications and other online resources fully, yet securely, accessible outside the main site. Equally important, it streamlines system administration, so SMEs spend less time and money caring for computer systems.

SME challenges in deploying SAP solutions

Although they may lack the IT resources of enterprises, SMEs often have the same types of access scenarios: Field sales teams, home-based workers, traveling executives and remote locations. And they have similar challenges:

How to give users transparent and convenient access – from anywhere

  • In a growing business, employees are always on the go – visiting customers, scouting new locations, working overtime from home. In fact, according to the eMarketer report entitled “SME IT and E-Business Spending”, in companies with 20-99 employees, 50 percent of workers do significant long-distance traveling and 44 percent telecommute. They need access to key applications without having to come into the main office just to get work done.

How to protect confidential information over the Internet

  • Security is one of the top two priorities for SMEs, according to eMarketer. Threats such as viruses, plus regulatory compliance, make it essential to control user access while verifying the security of each person’s computing environment. Other concerns are providing secure connectivity in different scenarios, such as an Internet café, and the risk to sensitive information when a laptop is lost or stolen. In addition, firewall and router traversal must be transparent to employees and partners.

How to roll out applications quickly and manage them easily

  • Installing and maintaining SAP applications and updates on every desktop can be costly and disruptive, and can delay ROI. And trying to maintain and support local applications for traveling and home-based workers can be a drain on IT resources.

How to do more with less

  • SMEs need to provide business process innovation for competitive growth while limiting IT investments and management costs. Many do not have the budget for high-end laptops, local support staff, ISDN connections, etc.

Citrix access essentials for SMEs

While SAP designed ERP offerings for SMEs, Citrix also tailored its solutions for their needs to create Citrix Access Essentials (CAE). This cost-effective software has been designed, packaged and priced to bring secure remote access and simple, centralized management to organizations with fewer than 75 Windows users. It turns a Windows Server into the secure access point for client/server applications, files and internal websites, allowing IT to control who gets what and when. For maximum simplicity, CAE provides a single server implementation for easy administration, and joint licensing with Microsoft to simplify license management.
With CAE, applications run centrally on the server, and multiple users view and work with the applications remotely. CAE includes a secure gateway for secure, encrypted access over the Internet, web interface for accessing non-web applications via a browser and/or the SAP Enterprise Portal without rewrites, and Citrix Presentation Server for server-centric deployment and management. The product leverages all the security and ease-of-access features of Citrix enterprise solutions, coupled with a wizard-driven, one-server installation. It bundles Windows Terminal Server Client Access Licenses required for multi-user access.
By using CAE to deploy SAP applications, SMEs gain:

  • High performance and availability of critical business processes
  • Fast, simple and secure access to SAP applications and data from any location, device or connection
  • Reduced IT costs for rolling out, maintaining and supporting SAP applications
  • Extended life of PCs for additional cost savings
  • Rapid return on SAP investment thanks to fast, centralized rollouts

SMEs that want the powerful business benefits of SAP solutions without worrying about application security, deployment, administration and performance should keep in mind that Citrix access infrastructure is not just for the Fortune 500. With Citrix Access Essentials, secure, flexible access beyond the LAN is within the reach of any company.

David Kim
David Kim