Avalon Integration to Sell Multimodal Speech-based Software Solution

Through the WebSAPConsole system – which also ships with mySAP SCM, topSpeech-Lydia provides speech execution of SAP solution-based transactions. WebSAPConsole supports browser capable devices for online mobile communication with mySAP SCM. By using this technology, customers can take advantage of a single transaction which will support key entry, bar-code scanning, voice interaction or a combination of these input methods. With TopSystem’s software, Avalon’s customers can use their knowledge of SAP solution-based technology and easily implement a speech-based logistics solution. Through the interactive dialog of voice commands, users receive their instructions and then confirm their actions. The data is transmitted directly to and from the customers’ SAP solution.
Voice-based logistics solutions have proven to provide an increase in efficiency, accuracy and speed, as users can focus on the tasks at hand rather than relying on a visual-based media to execute and report their actions. “TopSystems topSPEECH-Lydia software provides a cost-effective, efficient solution for users of SAP solutions looking to improve their warehouse management capabilities,” said Michael Kula, Avalon Integration, Inc. “By leveraging SAP’s provided infrastructure, users are now able to take advantage of the inherent functionality of voice support, thereby increasing a client’s return on investment in SAP solutions.”

Source: Avalon Integration