Customer-Inspired Innovation

More information about mySAP Customer Relationship Management 2005
SAP has been working with individual customers and customer groups – such as Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) – to identify which optimizations of existing best practice CRM processes provide maximum business value. Many enhancements have been included in mySAP Customer Relationship Management 2005 (mySAP CRM 2005) across the areas of marketing, sales, and service processes, as well as interaction channels. “We have worked closely with our member customers to define enhancements that best support their evolving business processes and industry demands,” recaps Tim Ronan, ASUG’s Influence Council Coordinator of the CRM Solution User Group. “mySAP CRM 2005 continues to be truly customer-inspired innovation.”
The results of these efforts, mySAP CRM 2005 delivers new and enhanced end-to-end business process capabilities. And while enhancements are provided to SAP’s traditional industries such as Consumer Products, High Tech, Manufacturing, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Service Providers, SAP has placed particular focus on further penetration of CRM growth industries such as Public Sector, Telecommunications and Finance.

Account origination for Financial Service Providers

mySAP CRM 2005 addresses the very specific needs of banks with new processes for account origination. The application provides a customer-oriented approach that seamlessly connects the front office to the back office of a financial services institution. It addresses the entire life cycle from inquiry and offer to acceptance. The application helps to analyze customer data and objectives, create customer specific offers and product bundles, handle underwriting, and assess risk and validation. As a highly integrated process it also triggers the creation of contracts in back-end systems.
A real-life example is a student applying for a loan: in order to provide a tailored offering the bank brings together all relevant information. Within one closed-loop process credit worthiness based on third party data can be checked and a product bundle containing the requested loan plus a zero fee student credit card is offered to gain long-term customer loyalty.

Financial customer care and dispute management for telecommunications

mySAP CRM 2005 includes new capabilities for telecommunications companies. Financial customer care and dispute management help the industry deal with all types of finance-related customer interactions via the SAP Interaction Center application, in both inbound and outbound scenarios. Telecommunication service providers can benefit from dunning lists provided by the financial back-end system which can be easily used as call lists for IC agent to perform outbound calls. But also from the customer’s perspective the new seamless financial integration enables an excellent interaction experience.
Customers in the telecommunication industry buy much more than just a phone device – they actually purchase a bundle of product and service offerings along with sophisticated charging and billing procedures. Hence it is crucial to every customer interaction to have the 360° financial customer view on the fingertips of a call center agent, regardless of the data kind and source, including typical CRM data such as customer interaction history and customer ratings as well as standard back-office information for example around billing and payment.
As a result of meeting customer demands mySAP CRM 2005 supports convergent invoicing, so companies are able to combine charges from various sources into a single bill for the customers. So far many telcommunication service providers served customers through different units – such as landline, mobile, internet – with different billing systems as a result while the customers just expects one consolidated bill.

Grantor solution for public sector

SAP Grants Management complements SAP’s current public sector offering. The application meets the requirements of public sector organizations that fund grant programs. The grantor solution allows organizations to record and report performance measures, define service standards, and assess risk. It provides a comprehensive auditing functionality. The solution includes Web-enabled grant application and claims processing features, as well as Web-based grantee inquiries for monitoring application status and grantee balances. The application includes workflow authorization and notification in addition to correspondence and records management functions.

Addressing business needs across industries

One example of SAP’s approach of addressing business needs across industries is the focus on providing increased accountability and optimized usage of resources in times of decreasing marketing budgets, as well as meeting increased legal financial reporting requirements. mySAP CRM 2005 provides enhanced Marketing Resource Management capabilities that help marketing departments to make better decisions for the deployment of their budgets and resources. With scenario-planning capabilities, the user are able to build alternative marketing scenarios, perform what-if analyses to compare scenarios, and determine the best marketing program to execute.
Managing digital assets (like collateral, logos, and branding) was a challenging and costly proposition in the past. With the new mySAP CRM 2005 Digital Asset Management tools employees and partners can easily access and download the most up-to-date assets and leverage their value. Additional features include versioning, legal information, thumbnailing, and on-the-fly file conversion.
In the area of consumer promotions via coupons mySAP CRM 2005 provides new processes around coupon planning, distribution, processing, and measurement. Marketers can now predict coupon redemption rates that drive financial accruals and volume forecasts, as well as monitor and analyze the success of coupon initiatives.
mySAP CRM 2005 also complements its solution offering for sales professionals on the move with online access to customer information via their RIM BlackBerry and Smartphone devices. They have real-time access to critical sales processes, functions, and key transactions, including leads, opportunities, quotations, orders, and contracts.

Enhanced service capabilities

mySAP CRM 2005 offers significantly enhanced service capabilities. As an example for technical service processes SAP has developed together with industry-leading companies a comprehensive Warranty Claims Management process, supporting the entire warranty and claims process – from return materials authorization (RMA) to receipt and inspection – while ensuring that warranties are administered accurately to reduce warranty claim costs and prevent giving away service for free.
Warranty claim management is integrated into mySAP ERP Financials to facilitate reimbursement as part of the warranty process. Warranty Claims Management applies to a variety of industries, such as high technology or automotive, in which a dealer could be reimbursed by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for a faulty device returned by a customer.
In addition to the continuous evolvement of core functional areas mySAP CRM has been designed from the beginning to include embedded analytics. To better address the specific needs of business users, SAP Analytics for mySAP CRM now enhances this offering, providing dashboard-like analytic applications that combine intuitive access to powerful business intelligence with the transaction systems, empowering users to take immediate action from analytical insight. Another benefit is that these analytical applications are adaptable “on the fly” to the ever changing dynamics of today’s business reality.
Addressing that different companies have different business needs, infrastructures and starting points into becoming a customer-centric enterprise, mySAP CRM 2005 offers additional deployment options, providing customers with more flexibility, an even faster start to an incremental implementation path, and enabling them to better leverage existing investments. One example of true flexibility becomes evident even before deploying the functionality of mySAP CRM 2005: customers upgrading from SAP CRM 3.x benefit from an easy direct technical upgrade path to mySAP CRM 2005.

Mani Pirouz
Mani Pirouz