Keeping Abreast of Change

The latest version of SAP Business One, which will shortly be made available to ramp-up customers, has been considerably improved in a variety of ways. These changes are aimed at mapping the most important requirements requested by partners, customers, and prospects. The top concerns in this regard continue to be quality, ease of use, and supportability.


Any SAP Business One 2005 user can adapt the working environment to their own requirements by changing the size and type of the on-screen font. Visually impaired users will especially welcome this innovation. Pop-up texts on the user interface further simplify navigation. If the user moves the mouse pointer over an icon or button, the system displays the name of the icon or a context-sensitive description.
The enhanced online help offers detailed information on processes and procedures in the event of operating problems. Its structure has been amended to enable users to find information faster and more easily. Substantial improvements to the terminology – mainly resulting from standardized descriptions and clear system messages – mean that the UI, system messages, and documentation are now easier to understand. Improvements to the installer facilitate implementation and support as all previous installers have been combined into a single one.

More, improved information

SAP Business One users can already create powerful reports for almost all areas of the company. In the new release, parts of the financial and accounting reports have been improved, for example via the introduction of new periodic financial reports and reports on customer account statements.
There have also been significant revisions of the due-date reports: customers who use ongoing inventory management benefit from a new inspection report that enables a better overview and monitoring of a company’s warehouse transactions.
Additionally, the XL Reporter has been seamlessly integrated into SAP Business One 2005. This reporting tool provides enhanced functions for reports and financial analyses. Powerful reports can be generated easily via an interface to Microsoft Excel in combination with Drag&Drop functionality.

Multi-language support in international trade

By allocating the appropriate language to business partners, SAP Business One 2005 can provide them with documents in their mother tongue. This is particularly useful if a company collaborates with international business partners or is based in a multilingual country, such as Switzerland or Canada.
Sales documents can be processed using a range of selection criteria. For instance, delivery notes can be converted into invoices based on document number, total, recipient code, payment method, and a range of other criteria.

Bank reconciliation

All payment transaction processes such as receipts, check issue, check receipt, credit card payments, and account reconciliation can be handled with SAP Business One 2005. A new bank reconciliation process now also fulfills special requirements in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. In these countries it is usual to reconcile transactions with the closing balance on the bank statement. The bank reconciliation function enables users to record all transitions posted by the bank in order to reconcile them with the closing balance on the statement.

Enhancing SAP Business One

SAP Business One has an API programming interface based on COM technology. This means that partners or customers can use the standard configuration of SAP Business One or make their own additional adjustments. The API is supplied in the form of a Software Development Kit (SDK), which has been considerably enhanced in this latest release.
SAP Business One now acts as a platform that partners can use to construct industry-specific solutions. SAP is therefore planning a considerable increase in the number of partner companies. In order to improve exchange with partners yet further, the SAP Developer Network (SDN) will be used more intensively for transferring knowledge within the SAP Business One developer community.

Passing on knowledge

A range of staff-training measures, such as e-learning, attendance courses, or a combination of the two (blended learning), guarantee the seamless transfer of expertise from SAP to its partners. In addition to this, a WebEx series has been devised specifically for the requirements of SAP partners. In future, these live forums with SAP experts will provide specific information for new and experienced users of SAP Business One.

Markus Fuchs
Markus Fuchs