SAP Racks up Retail Customers in Asia Pacific

These retail customers have selected SAP to improve their business processes and create a strong and adaptive environment for business growth and profitability. The announcement was made at the SAP Global Leadership meeting being held this week in Shanghai, China. Retail customers such as Barista, India; Café Coffee Day, India; Ever Plaza Inc, Philippines; Farmers Trading Company, New Zealand; Hariyali, India; Index Living Mall, Thailand; Pantaloon Retail India, India; PLC Group, Hong Kong; Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Taiwan; Sino United Publishing (Holdings), Hong Kong; and Vishal Megamart, India join a growing list of companies that have chosen SAP solutions to enhance their critical business processes. These processes include global sourcing, distribution, transportation and logistics, product innovation, inventory visibility, financial transparency, compliance and point-of-sales data management.
Pantaloon India chose SAP’s suite of enterprise applications and retail-specific software to cover end-to-end business processes across its headquarters and 60 stores nationwide, powering the company’s financial processes, warehouse and supply chain management, new product development and point-of-sale operations. “As we continue to grow our presence through the region, we needed a single, enterprise-wide IT platform to manage our increasingly complex operations,” said Chinar Deshpande, chief financial officer, Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd. “We selected SAP for its proven retail expertise, regional and global reach and solution scope. SAP for Retail is helping us improve our key processes, enabling us to drive competitiveness through our outlets and, ultimately, deliver better service to our customers.”

SAP for Retail as a secure business

Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Ltd. (SUP) – a leading publisher in Hong Kong with more than 50 retail and distributor outlets in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, the United States and Canada – selected SAP to help streamline its business operations and drive future growth. The use of mySAP ERP has enabled SUP to achieve greater active control of its entire administrative and operations environment, helping the company address critical business needs through the implementation of a range of applications for materials management, sales and distribution, business intelligence and retail-specific processes.
“Sino United is constantly looking for new ways to drive future growth,” said Dr. Chan Man Hung, vice chairman and president, SUP. “The fast moving nature of our industry necessitates an integrated ERP system that stimulates innovation while containing costs. mySAP ERP delivers an IT structure that enables our company to increase productivity, improve our ability to capture and view business intelligence and generate the flexibility required to accelerate the implementation of our business strategies.”
A number of global retail customers with extensive operations in APA have also selected SAP’s retail solutions to transform their retail and wholesale operations. Samsonite, B&Q PLC and The Body Shop have leveraged SAP solutions to limit the complexity of IT while driving innovation, reducing costs and pursuing flexible business strategies to position their businesses for future growth.
“During these times of consolidation in both the retail and IT sectors, more and more Asia-Pacific retailers have been turning to SAP as a trusted advisor and to SAP for Retail as a secure business investment for the long run,” said Léo Apotheker, president, Customer Solutions and Operations, and member of the executive board, SAP. “In an industry faced with the daily pressures on margins, performance and the bottom line, SAP offers retailers proven solutions to succeed today and customer-focused innovation to adapt to the changing industry landscape of the future.”

Source: SAP AG