Adaptive Computing Capabilities for Business Process Innovation

New adaptive computing enhancements now allow companies to run multiple applications on a single server and to proactively plan resource allocation to maximize application server and database performance. In addition, over the past year, technology leaders such as EMC Corporation, Network Appliance, Inc., Redwood Technologies, Sun Microsystems and Unisys have become certified on SAP’s adaptive computing platform. With these certifications, SAP’s adaptive computing capabilities now support all major storage and server technologies.
Adaptive computing is a capability of the SAP NetWeaver platform that allows customers to allocate applications and data to servers and storage devices as computing demand and hardware availability fluctuates. New adaptive computing capabilities include the ability to run multiple instances of software or databases on the same server, which gives companies and hosting partners an even greater degree of resource utilization.
Additional adaptive computing enhancements make system management easier and more efficient for administrators. For example, a new task planner allows administrators to schedule shifts in hardware allocation based on patterns of usage. An administrator may, for instance, typically see a boost in portal usage for employee self-services when employees come to work in the morning as all users are trying to log-in. Rather than reacting to a complaint about slow response time from users, the administrator could proactively schedule the shift in resources to automatically occur. In addition, administrators can now “link” non-SAP software components to SAP software, so that the components move together when re-allocated to other hardware.

Colgate Experiences 70 Percent Savings with New Adaptive Computing Capabilities

SAP customer Colgate has been using adaptive computing capabilities to maximize the use of its servers and storage systems and has noticed a significant reduction of costs in running the computing infrastructure that houses its SAP software. “With adaptive computing capabilities from SAP, Colgate has reduced the total cost of specific IT infrastructure by 70 percent,” said Jim Capraro, director global information technology, Colgate. “In addition to these dramatic savings, it also simplifies the system landscape and reduces overhead required to manage such complex IT landscapes as ours.”

Partner Growth in Support of SAP’s Adaptive Computing Platform

Adaptive computing is an open partner initiative that encourages technology vendors to pre-certify their servers, storage solutions and system software on SAP NetWeaver, ensuring a high quality of interaction between software and hardware devices. Technology leaders such as EMC Corporation, NetApp, Redwood Technologies, Sun Microsystems and Unisys have certified their solutions on the adaptive computing capabilities of SAP NetWeaver to the benefit of customers. In addition, adaptive computing capabilities from SAP now support all forms of storage technologies, including NAS, SAN and iSCSI, giving customers greater flexibility in the way they manage storage across their IT landscapes.
“As enterprise services play a crucial role in bringing flexibility to applications, adaptive computing brings flexibility to hardware resources in SAP landscapes,” said Peter Graf, executive vice president of Solution Marketing, SAP. “In both cases, customers gain flexibility from SAP NetWeaver, which helps lower IT costs through re-use of SAP and non-SAP investments. This frees up resources that companies can now invest into much-needed business process and IT innovation.”

Source: SAP AG