Austrian Insurer Deploys mySAP CRM to Deliver Superior Customer Service

By equipping its field force with portable printers and laptops running SAP Mobile Sales with mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM), the leading Austrian insurance group in Europe is bringing a whole new dimension to its onsite customer service delivery. The company has equipped approximately 1,000 users with SAP Mobile Sales and is now extending the solution to 1,500 agents at Donauversicherung, a member of the Wiener Städtische Group and ÖBV.
“In addition to superior products, customers continuously expect ever-higher quality of service,” said Dr. Günter Geyer, chairman of the managing board, Wiener Städtische. “The SAP mobile solution will make it easier and more efficient to provide our customers top service. In one quick glance, our customers and agents will be able to determine individual needs in all aspects of customers’ insurance and pension plans.”

Rapid response across key customer-facing processes

Integrated with the Wiener Städtische’s existing SAP landscape, the mobile solution enables the mobile sales force and office staff to manage and distribute information immediately within a single, central system. Empowered with SAP’s mobile CRM software during sales visits, insurance agents can instantly access overviews of customers’ current coverage, providing detailed answers to customer questions on-the-spot. Policy applications can be printed out for immediate signature during a client meeting and forwarded electronically to the back-office system.
Agents gain newfound efficiency in on-site claims assessments, now that they are able to immediately forward reports to the responsible claims adjuster. Claims processing is particularly transparent under the new system; because all agents now have electronic access to claims status, they can provide customers critical information without delay.

Competitive advantage through modern information technology

SAP Mobile Sales with mySAP CRM provides a wide range of functions, including new efficiencies in customer data management, that help the company’s insurance agents get even closer to their customers. Deadline and claims assignment management is greatly simplified through Microsoft Office synchronization. The mobile solution also offers extensive criteria selection and data analysis capabilities to support customer retention and new customer acquisition efforts.
“SAP Mobile Sales with mySAP CRM empowers users with dynamic, up-to-date business intelligence on customers and products to respond better and faster to individual needs and requirements during each customer interaction,” said Darc Dencker-Rasmussen, senior vice president, CRM Solution Management, SAP. “The field sales force is a key asset in the insurance sector and Wiener Städtische is a prime example of how a company can use mobile solutions to empower field agents to deliver better sales results and achieve higher customer satisfaction.”

Source: SAP AG