European Customers Switch From Oracle to SAP

Since the program’s introduction earlier this year, 28 companies running Oracle solutions have taken “safe passage” in an effort to secure long-term IT investment security. Launched in January 2005, the SAP Safe Passage program offers companies SAP solutions, technology, maintenance services, investment protection and a clear road map to the next generation of business software. The program includes direct access to the SAP NetWeaver platform to help customers simplify integration of solutions, and migration to the market-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, mySAP ERP.
“Oracle has not yet been able to explain how it intends to consolidate its continually growing product portfolio for the long run,” said Nils Niehoerster, managing director, RAAD Consult. “Nebulous announcements about the future of its products are being met with moans, especially among its base of JD Edwards and PeopleSoft customers, as a recent survey by the Oracle Applications User Group has shown. RAAD Consult studies in Europe clearly indicate: for SAP customers, dependability, planning reliability and stability are not merely talking points but fundamental prerequisites. And in exactly these aspects, enterprises using SAP have been giving the company absolute top marks for years.” Six of the companies that have recently chosen SAP Safe Passage are based in Germany, including ALTANA Chemie AG, VEKA AG, Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG and YAKAZI Europe Limited.

Source: SAP AG