Higher Levels of Enterprise Application Security

Delivered through the SAP NetWeaver platform, Siemens identity management solution, HiPath SIcurity DirX Identity, integrates with SAP applications to help companies automatically centralize and manage their employees’ IT access rights across the enterprise. In the wake of growing compliance requirements and increasingly divided IT landscapes, the issue of workforce identity management is a growing focus for companies of all sizes worldwide. Companies worldwide are challenged with managing numerous user identity management systems aligned to disparate applications—a costly and inefficient system that allows for security and compliance weaknesses. Recognizing that corporations need to empower their employees with information without compromising security, SAP and Siemens have come together to offer this integrated solution, allowing customers to easily and effectively manage the access rights of their employees and business partners to a wealth of information and business resources across both SAP® and non-SAP solutions. The Siemens HiPath SIcurity DirX Identity solution is highly scalable and integrates easily with SAP NetWeaver, providing one central identity management tool that works across existing heterogeneous IT and application infrastructures.
“The need for identity management extends to many different aspects of enterprise IT infrastructure,” said Jamie Lewis, CEO and research chair, Burton Group. “Given the heterogeneous nature of today’s IT environments, partnerships between enterprise applications suppliers and identity management vendors are an important component of enterprise integration solutions. The partnership between Siemens and SAP demonstrates this trend and will be especially valuable where the two companies share common customers.”
With the integrated solution, each user is represented by a unique digital identity and assigned access privileges to applications and systems based on their job role in the organization. Employees are able to easily and transparently access all systems and applications needed to support their job roles without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. The user’s privileges are centrally maintained, continuously updated to reflect changes in the organization, automatically communicated across all relevant systems and withdrawn immediately if necessary. The solution also allows users to maintain audit trails that demonstrate compliance with internal business policies and external regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the German Teleservice Data Protection Act (TDDSG) and the German Law on Corporate Control and Transparency in Financial Transactions (KonTraG).

Enhancing the SAP NetWeaver platform and SAP applications

This solution will further enhance the SAP NetWeaver platform and SAP applications, allowing customers to more easily and effectively manage secure access to applications and business processes across Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), SAP’s blueprint for a business-driven approach to service oriented architecture (SOA).
“We are dedicated to providing our customers powerful solution offerings that deliver a scalable security backbone to support identity management across evolving corporate and IT landscapes,” said Henning Kagermann, CEO, SAP. “Siemens identity management solution complements our platform and business solutions in order to drive enhanced competitive advantage for our customer base.”
“We are pleased to be part of the successful SAP NetWeaver rollout,” said Klaus Kleinfeld, president and CEO, Siemens AG. “Our joint solution helps customers speed up and simplify solution deployment and reduce TCO. HiPath SIcurity DirX complements SAP NetWeaver and mySAP™ Business Suite with central identity management for heterogeneous environments. Users are given access to the portal and all applications behind it in one step. Sounds great? It is. We implement it at Siemens.”
The cooperation between SAP and Siemens includes product development and integration as well as joint marketing and support. SAP now delivers a demo and test license of the Siemens identity management solution together with its product lines mySAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver. SAP and Siemens also use each other’s products and solutions internally. This solution is available today.

Source: SAP AG