Promoting Policymaker Dialogue on RFID Technology

The objective of the discussions was not to promote any particular accord or policy but rather to exchange views and information and continue an ongoing dialogue in the direction of harmonized global policies. The U.S. Department of Commerce was represented by Dan Caprio, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technology Policy and Chief Privacy Officer. SAP was involved given its core commitment to help customers improve their efficiency and competitiveness while helping policymakers develop balanced, pro-innovation policies. The fourth in a series of policy dialogues co-hosted by SAP in the United States and European Union, this latest round of meetings focused on:

  • The potential of RFID to facilitate global commerce and economic growth while enhancing safety, security and convenience for consumers and society;
  • The status of various RFID-related policy processes that are occurring on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world;
  • Smart ways to address legitimate concerns about data privacy and security while setting aside misconceptions with facts and open dialogue; and
  • The kinds of policies needed to promote the use of RFID globally in a practical and responsible manner.

SAP anticipates that many more companies will use RFID over the next few years as a way of achieving greater efficiency and visibility in their operations, improving service delivery to customers and gaining a competitive edge in the global economy. The company has been conducting RFID research since 1998 and, having embedded RFID-enabling infrastructure in the SAP NetWeaver platform, is a driving force in developing and implementing business applications of RFID technology.
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Source: SAP AG