Redwood Endorses SAP’s Enterprise Services Architecture

Despite the growth in on-line and real-time processing environments, long running tasks and the need for forward planning create a demand for scheduling in modern applications. Reliable scheduling of background tasks or processes is a key infrastructure requirement for an Enterprise Services Architecture. Instead of using a different scheduler for diverse systems, a single service is provided that can integrate with all systems using a common set of reusable routines, business calendars, monitoring and alerting facilities.
Cronacle enables scheduling to be established as part of the service layer of an Enterprise Services Architecture. Loosely coupled Interfaces with service consumers and other services can be created and the facilities provided by Cronacle can be reused by multiple applications, both current and any that may be added to the architecture in the future. Cronacle can use SOAP to call Web Services enabling the creation of complex cross environment process flows and integration of legacy applications with new technologies
“The endorsement of SAP’s ESA by Redwood Software demonstrates our continuing devotion to SAP solutions and customers by simplifying the management of processes from both SAP NetWeaver and non-SAP applications utilizing a single point of control,” said Anjo de Heus, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Redwood. “Our customers can be confident that they will be able to invest in the latest SAP technologies without compromising the efficiency and productivity gains they need for business success.”

Source: Redwood