Siemens Business Services Signs Major SAP Deal for Slovakian Universities

The project’s total revenue will be up to more than 15 million Euros, by the time all 20 public universities that are supposed to be connected to the system will have access. “We strived to create a system that would be a good financial adviser to our universities”, stated Martin Fronc, Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic, “For the very first-time, the universities will have the possibility to know continuously their costs e.g. as per field of study. I firmly believe that all universities will finally join the system and that we make another step towards modern university funding in Slovakia.”
The Universities of Bratislava and Žilina will be the first to get connected to this central financial information system. This system will be provided to the universities free of charge and upon voluntary participation. It covers almost all requirements of the universities in the field of economic management. The project will be carried out jointly by Siemens Business Services and Varias by the end of 2007. The companies will implement the system and provide technical support for seven years.
The new system belongs to the most up-to-date and full-valued tools of company management based on SAP NetWeaver, which means a significant cutting of operational costs and contingent system changes. Siemens and Varias have already have practical experience with a similar project implemented abroad. Siemens Business Services implemented a similar project in Austria, where all 21 universities joined this central financial information system. Varias implemented the SAP system into six Moravian universities in the Czech Republic.

Source: Siemens Business Services