The Accenture Innovation Center for SAP NetWeaver Opens

“An important SAP partner has given its stamp of approval for SAP’s ESA Road Map. This is an important day for the cooperation between SAP and Accenture,” said Nils Herzberg, Chief Operating Officer, Product Technology Unit Industry Solutions, who was on hand to celebrate the opening. Accenture’s CTO, Don Rippert, (photo right) sees the new center as the next level in a long-running partnership. “The new center broadens the 20-year relationship between Accenture and SAP: Developing solutions together is what it means to have a strong relationship.” he said. SAP and Accenture have already completed several successful joint development projects, including SAP xApp Integrated Exploration and Production (SAP xIEP) and SAP Banking Payment Engine. “Combining Accenture’s industry knowledge with SAP NetWeaver has enabled the two companies to create solutions that neither could have built on their own,” Rippert said.
The Center is Accenture’s global hub for thought leadership, training, and development activities related to next-generation SAP solutions. The center has several missions: a dedicated development zone, a think tank environment, and place to exchange best practices. “SAP is pleased about Accenture’s commitment to ESA. The SAP NetWeaver Innovation Center will be the base for strong mutual collaboration between the two companies, and our mutual clients and future clients can expect some exciting things from this heightened cooperation,” said Stephan Rossius, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Management.
At the opening event, Accenture presented several demos, including: SAP xIEP; SAP Banking Payment Engine and Insurance Policy and Product Management, both joint Accenture-SAP solutions; Accenture’s Tax and Revenue Management prototype, built on SAP NetWeaver; and RFID-enabled outbound processing, an RFID-enabled solution using SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure. “SOA is not something new to Accenture and we have a lot of experience to bring to the table,” said Jon Hill, Global lead for the Accenture SAP NetWeaver program. With the new center, Accenture and SAP can sit down together in the Partner Port in Walldorf and forge new, innovative solutions.

Source: Accenture