Advances Archiving and Data Protection Offerings for SAP Solutions

The announcement includes the new EMC DatabaseXtender for SAP R/3 database archiving software and a new EMC Proven Solution called EMC Automated BRBACKUP Replication for SAP Solutions. Additionally, SAP has certified EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) and Xythos Webfile Server 4.3 for SAP’s new data archiving service using the WebDAV protocol. The combined power of these offerings expands the value that EMC delivers to joint SAP customers by helping them more effectively deploy an ILM strategy across their applications and IT environments. As applications and infrastructure continue to converge to form the next-generation information infrastructure, joint customers can leverage EMC offerings for SAP solutions to reduce risk, simplify operations, lower TCO and enable growth.
Danfoss, a global industrial manufacturing company based in Denmark, relies on SAP applications to manage business operations effectively and cost efficiently. Strategic to Danfoss operations is a dynamic EMC storage infrastructure that is used exclusively to support the enterprise’s SAP environment and to increase availability of business-critical information to Danfoss employees and thousands of customers and suppliers. Morten Pors Simonsen, Manager, Danfoss Server Enterprise, said, “For nearly ten years, EMC has provided us with innovative and integrated solutions designed to help us improve productivity while reducing risk throughout our extensive, fast-growing SAP environment. This has been accomplished through non-stop data availability, a cost-effective tiered storage approach, compliant data archiving, and rapid and reliable backup and recovery.”
The new offerings, software and certified integration for SAP solutions include:

  • EMC Automated BRBACKUP Replication for SAP Solutions – this solution delivers EMC replication software technologies and services expertise in SAP’s BRBACKUP tools, enabling SAP customers to automate the BRBACKUP replication of production data to minimize performance degradation during backups and lower the risk and effort associated with traditional split-mirror technology scripting or script maintenance. Leveraging EMC’s Replication Manager graphical user interface and role-based software, IT administrators can easily perform backups of SAP data when needed. As a result, customers can experience increased database availability, lower management costs and a more in-depth understanding of best-practices to support their SAP solutions.
  • SAP Certifies EMC Centera for New SAP Interface – EMC Centera CAS is the first storage platform on the market to be certified by the SAP Integration and Certification Center for SAP’s new data archiving service using the WebDAV protocol. Since its launch in 2002, EMC Centera has become the archiving storage platform of choice by providing SAP users with a self-managing, online repository for long-term storage of vital data and documents in SAP solutions. With the new interface certification, EMC Centera and Xythos Webfile Server 4.3 can directly support SAP and non-SAP applications running on the SAP NetWeaver platform. By leveraging open industry standards, this seamless integration significantly lowers the total cost of ownership for data archiving in SAP solutions and increases end-to-end support for rules-based archiving, repository routing, retention and disposal management, advanced legal compliance features and other functionality addressing long-term information management requirements across the enterprise.
  • EMC DatabaseXtender for SAP R/3 – expanding its existing DatabaseXtender product family to include support of SAP R/3 environments, EMC’s database archiving software streamlines production databases by providing transparent access to SAP Archive Development Kit (ADK) archive files through their native SAP R/3 application. DatabaseXtender for SAP R/3 maintains all existing data relationships as if the archived data is still stored within the production environment. Customers continue to use native applications to transparently monitor, analyze and view transactional data stored in both the production database and ADK archive files. Similar to EMC DatabaseXtender for SAP BW announced earlier this year, DatabaseXtender for SAP R/3 can be used to enhance a cost-effective tiered storage environment.

DatabaseXtender for SAP R/3 seamlessly interoperates with the previously announced EMC Archiving for SAP (see prior release: EMC to Introduce Information Lifecycle Management for SAP), which provides high-capacity, high-performance archiving of SAP ADK files, as well as business documents and print lists. The combination of DatabaseXtender with EMC Archive Services for SAP provides an unmatched capability to archive, view and manage data in SAP solutions, reports and documents in a tiered storage environment.
Howard Elias, EMC Executive Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Office of Technology, said, “EMC and SAP are committed to collaboratively improving their joint customers’ ability to better manage application data along its lifecycle by bridging the gap between application and infrastructure. Working with SAP, we are putting together the industry’s best and most comprehensive lineup of systems, software, services and solutions to align information resources with the business, optimizing a customer’s information infrastructure and helping them meet and exceed their business goals and objectives.”

Source: EMC