Bringing Business into Focus

Success in sunny California, as in other parts of the world, comes through helping others achieve success. Vision33, one of the first SAP Business One solution partners, knows what small and midsize enterprises need when it’s time to find an integrated business management solution to grow and thrive. They’ve seen the challenges over and over. It’s all about the struggles companies face and the pain people feel when handicapped by an often-disjointed patchwork of applications.
So Vision33 serves the market as a full service IT consultancy and licensed partner of both SAP and American Express Tax and Business Services, offering SAP Business One and SAP Business One—the American Express Edition.
The Vision33 commitment to providing clients with the optimal solution to facilitate successful growth has made them highly successful. For 2004, they were in the top 10 percent of SAP Business Partners across the US and the #1 American Express Alliance Partner for all of the US. It all boils down to focus.

Living, breathing, eating, and sleeping SAP Business One

Alex Rooney, Vice President of Vision33 says, “We’re not trying to be all things to all people. We have a specific focus on SMEs and in providing and supporting a simple, cost-effective, and adaptable product to meet their needs.
As both a licensed SAP and American Express Alliance Business Partner, Vision33 specializes in providing clients with the SAP Business One solution and the American Express Supply Chain Solutions Suite for SAP Business One, which adds a series of easy, affordable, and powerful solutions for growing businesses with specific needs in manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing.
Rooney says, “American Express solutions are well-known to SMEs, but the SAP name is less familiar. We help people see that SAP Business One is a practical software solution. It’s built specifically for companies that want more than off-the-shelf software, but aren’t ready to make the jump into a full blown ERP solution.”
Rooney attributes Vision33’s success with SAP Business One to three key factors:

  • Commitment to long-term client success
  • Specialization in SAP Business One
  • Focus on a specific geographic market

Vision33’s goal is to establish long-term partnerships with its clients and is as committed to their success as they are. “Ongoing customer support and service is why so many SMEs select us as their SAP Business Partner.”
Vision33 is 100 percent focused on SAP Business One. Rooney continues, “We’ve got certified SAP technical consultants and business professionals with expert knowledge and vendor-specific expertise. We live, breathe, eat, and sleep SAP Business One.”
Lastly, Rooney asserts, “SMEs want to deal with local suppliers. We’re right there to assist our clients through the entire lifecycle process, ensuring SAP Business One will function effectively with no interruptions to other existing systems.“
Southern California companies such as Source 1 Enterprises and Avance Solutions can attest that a solid, local partnership meant a smooth transition to their new SAP Business One solutions.

Serving Source 1 Enterprises

Located in Long Beach, CA, Source 1 Enterprises is an emerging supplier of health and beauty products. Source 1 Enterprises was experiencing numerous challenges and limitations with its existing business software package. In particular, the software lacked inter-company functionality, provided no reporting, and did not offer gross profit analysis by sales order or process. In addition, due to the nature of its business, Source1 Enterprises received discounts during purchasing and needed supply-chain-specific functionality, including the ability to carry inventory at net of these discounts.
Vision33 installed SAP Business One with three company databases. They then customized it to meet the company’s mission-critical needs, including creating a custom profitability report and custom catalog price lists.
To address Source 1 Enterprises’ industry-specific requirements, Vision33 implemented the EDI Professional Module within the American Express Edition for Wholesale Distribution to enable Source 1 Enterprises to send and receive invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders instantly. Now Source 1 Enterprises is poised for future success and plans to leverage SAP Business One to help them meet their business goals and growth objectives throughout the future.

Serving Avance Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience providing communication and wireless RF (radio frequency) solutions for the commercial and government sectors, Avance Solutions is a leading provider of enterprise mobile data capture solutions. To grow to the next level the company knew it required an advanced business management solution with capabilities and features ranging from an integrated CRM system to effectively manage a sales force across four different countries, all the way to an integrated web solution to advertise and sell products to potential customers.
To meet Avance’s challenge of integrating a web solution, Vision33 leveraged its strong partnership with Praxis Software Solutions to implement its NetPoint Suite, including NetPoint Focus, a CRM tool that mimics SAP Business One, but is web-based for portability, allowing easy, remote access to the solution anywhere, anytime. As the SAP-endorsed web module of SAP Business One, NetPoint Commerce was also integrated right out of the box to allow Avance’s customers to purchase products directly through a web store. SAP Business One is providing Avance with all the innovative tools and functionality necessary to support its strategic goals and growth objectives.

SAP Business One: clear choice

Vision33 works with its clients to understand their business needs and provides the necessary training and knowledge transfer to ensure smooth employee adoption. It is a user of Business One itself, which makes it possible to provide clients with first-hand experience.
Vision33 knows the right solution for its clients is SAP Business One because of its scalable, feature-rich solution set that will meet SMEs’ business goals both today and as they grow. “It generally meets 80% of our clients’ needs right out of the box,” asserts Rooney. “And we have a team of professionals with expertise to fully leverage the Business One Software Development Kit (SDK) to customize as appropriate.”
Rooney concludes, “We have a unique understanding of the industry-specific operational challenges companies face. And we help companies meet them with our expert team, our unfailing commitment, and the premier solution, SAP Business One.
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Christine Macfarlane
Christine Macfarlane