Global Reach for SMEs

itelligence understands the special needs of SMEs. And it is well positioned to help companies expand into global markets. “The sausage maker in Texas doesn’t just compete locally,” says Niesman, the outspoken visionary leader of itelligence U.S. “There are sausage makers all over the world ready to sell to Texas sausage buyers at the local company’s expense. At the same time, with the right tools and management software, the Texas sausage company can serve the appetite for sausage in international markets.”
Until recently the expanding global economy was primarily the domain of larger companies. Operating internationally requires specific tools to manage such things as regulations and taxes in a large number of countries, and multiple currencies. And it requires the integrated management functions that large companies have. “With the tools and capabilities of mySAP All-in-One solutions, especially microvertical versions for specific industries, we can help SMEs expand their reach into global markets,” Niesman says. “It changes the playing field for SMEs.”

Shifting the conversation

Niesman notes that itelligence sees another trend, one that signals SMEs’ increasing business savvy and sophistication. “It’s changing the depth of the conversations we are having with prospects,” he observes. “Past conversations with prospects tended to revolve around technology. Today we’re dealing more with front line business people who are evaluating solutions from a business perspective.”
He adds that companies are moving toward more specialization. “Their core competency may be the best bread or the best machining, but not usually the best IT,” he states. “They come to us when they want to expand and they know their old legacy systems won’t support them. What they’re looking for is best business practices in a solution that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively. And it can’t be a burden to their IT department.”
itelligence shows SMEs how, with a mySAP All-in-One solution, they can realize a much quicker time-to-value than if they were piecing together hard-to-integrate solutions or trying to customize rigid applications. Its capabilities can enable SMEs – like the sausage maker in Texas – to operate with the muscle of larger companies. And when they’re ready, they can operate on global markets, with a worldwide presence.
“We have more than 200 middle market customers in the U.S.,” states Niesman. “Right out of the box, with minimal customization, the mySAP solutions we deliver offer SMEs the power of SAP business solutions that large companies depend on. And our proven industry expertise and SAP industry solutions make us the ideal strategic partner for small and midsize enterprises.”

Turning “typical” on its head

So much is packed into mySAP All-in-One that it actually changes the nature and scope of solution implementation. “Typically, in classic software implementations, the time spent on information gathering for solution requirements and software configuration represents 70 percent of the project, and implementation and training are just 30 percent,” Niesman explains. “Today, because we can offer pre-built industry solutions, there’s a reversal in the way we engage with our customers. Information gathering and configuration represents only 30 percent of the process, and we can direct 70 percent of the effort to knowledge transfer and training.”
This is the reason that itelligence is reaching so many customers with microvertical solutions that integrate a high degree of industry-specific functionality and SAP Best Practices. Core elements are prepackaged to address key strategic processes that meet the unique needs of growing businesses in the automotive, chemical, consumer products, high-tech, industrial machinery and equipment, and professional services industries.

Putting mySAP All-in-One to work

itelligence has customers in aerospace and defense, tourism, transportation, and logistics – and just about every other imaginable industry. Electronic Theater Controls, Hu-Friedy, and Aerospace Products International are three customers that chose pre-packaged mySAP All-in-One microvertical solutions from itelligence. All are expanding their reach worldwide.

Electronic Theater Controls

Electronic Theater Controls (ETC), a global manufacturer of entertainment- and architectural-lighting equipment, chose itelligence’s it.manufacturing, a qualified mySAP All-in-One solution, to integrate functions and information between back-office and customer-facing applications. It enables regulatory, currency, and language localization by country. In addition, it streamlines global financial reporting and logistics coordination across the enterprise.


Hu-Friedy manufactures high-quality dental instruments, known the world over for their precision, performance, longevity, and reliability. Hu-Friedy chose the it.manufacturing solution to better integrate their systems and processes. The new solution enables Hu-Friedy to accelerate expansion both domestically and internationally. In June, Hu-Friedy became a hosting customer as well. Hu-Friedy is counting on itelligence to manage the it.manufacturing solution, freeing them to focus on their core expertise, dental instruments.

Aerospace Products International

Aerospace Products International (API) provides the aviation industry with exceptional parts ordering and supply chain management services. It offers one-stop access to over 150,000 factory new parts manufactured by more than 150 suppliers.
API contracted with itelligence to implement the it.wholesale solution to provide high visibility to inventory and operations. In addition, management wanted the ability to expand through acquisition, knowing they had a stable and robust IT architecture. Its operations today enable API to provide “in-country tomorrow” international deliveries and next-morning deliveries for US orders.
mySAP All-in-One solutions, pre-packaged for cost-effective, rapid implementation, are designed for SMEs that have ambitious growth plans and want to improve overall operational efficiency and increase profitability. itelligence translates insight and expertise into the mySAP All-in-One solutions that help SMEs to meet their specific needs today and to grow their vision for the future – including expanding internationally.
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Christine Macfarlane
Christine Macfarlane