SAP Extends Successful Safe Passage Program to Siebel Customers

The new offering from SAP provides “safe passage” to companies grappling with the uncertainties arising from Siebel’s pending acquisition by Oracle Corporation and the resulting challenges these customers may face. With the recently announced planned acquisition of Siebel by Oracle Corporation, Siebel customers may face the same uncertainties and concerns experienced by the customers of PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Retek solutions (among others) as they consider the impact of Oracle’s consolidation activities and the potential issues arising out of Oracle’s Project Fusion. As the world’s leading provider of business software solutions and the recognized CRM industry leader, SAP offers a stable, proven, trusted vendor alternative for customers seeking a clear path forward.

Safe Passage program for Siebel provides present and future business value

Both CRM leaders and customers have acknowledged that point solutions have fallen short of meeting today’s business needs, and companies are demanding an integrated family of applications. By moving to mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM), companies can extend their customer-focused business processes across the entire enterprise. Fueled by the power of the SAP NetWeaver platform, mySAP CRM gives customers the flexibility to quickly adapt their businesses to changing market needs and customer demands while leveraging existing IT investments to reduce complexity and lower costs. SAP NetWeaver also helps address Siebel customers’ concerns for the future road map of their solutions under Oracle by providing a clearly defined blueprint for adapting to the next generation of CRM services through a service-oriented architecture (SOA). SAP’s Safe Passage program for Siebel customers is an offering designed to help ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and on value:

  • Investment protection through a credit of up to 75 percent of their original Siebel software licensing fees against the licensing of comparable CRM solutions from SAP.
  • A value engineering assessment that provides customers with a comprehensive total cost of ownership (TCO) snapshot and an actionable plan for how to derive new business value with integrated processes and a governance process to ensure project success.
  • Conversion tools, implementation methodologies and services from SAP and its partners to help ensure a smooth transition to mySAP CRM, which delivers end-to-end, industry-specific processes.
  • Project team and end-user training to boost project success rates and increase return-on-investment (ROI).

To help meet the needs of CRM customers of all sizes, SAP Safe Passage provides Siebel customers with hosted short-term development environments designed to help kick-start CRM projects as well as long-term production hosting that encompasses all the technical services and systems needed to support e-commerce, interaction centers or sales force automation.
“Customers have a mandate to grow their businesses today,” said Bill McDermott, president and CEO, SAP America. “They cannot afford to wait until 2008 or 2010 or 2013 to see if the merged software code of Oracle’s multitude of acquired companies yields a viable product. SAP’s Safe Passage program provides companies with a proven and affordable roadmap to protect their current investments and to begin the process of innovating their businesses today. We are entirely focused on delivering value to our customers now and are not distracted by the challenges of integrating multiple code bases, companies and corporate cultures.” SAP’s Safe Passage program for Siebel customers is initially available in the United States and on a country-by-country basis.

Source: SAP AG