A Passion for Service

Omega Group takes service and support seriously. The very organization of the company reflects a services mindset. There are marketing and sales teams dedicated to supporting current clients in addition to marketing and sales teams that focus on developing new business. As far as Omega is concerned, selling and implementing a solution are just the beginning.

Teaching clients how to fish

Forrest Koch, CEO of Omega Group, says, “We acknowledge a basic, universal principle – to be successful you have to give first. We are purpose-driven. We care about what the client cares about.” This sense of purpose is infectious. Omega’s highly specialized consultants, including expert CPIMs, CPAs, and CMAs, carry the Omega passion for service into every engagement. They help SMEs, primarily in distribution and manufacturing, to use a new solution to its fullest advantage. As the old Chinese proverb says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Omega consultants don’t just deliver fish. They teach clients how to fish.
Koch says, “We share all the tools and materials that are available to our solution consultants with our clients for their use. We want to enable them to manage as much of their environment as they care to.”
Koch firmly believes that this passion for service and approach to client care is the major reason that they are winning so much business. He observes, “By taking good care of a client, we are likely to sell more, and we create the best kind of advertising – the recommendation of a happy client.” It’s Omega’s formula for success. And in January 2005 Omega was awarded the “SAP Business One Rookie of the Year Award,” given to the partner with the greatest sales record in their first year with SAP.

Helping clients make strategic investments

“In today’s competitive business environment, simple yet powerful enterprise management technology, even for small companies, is a prerequisite for growing and maintaining a successful business. It is a strategic investment,“ Koch observes.
Omega consultants frequently work with SMEs that have outgrown their multiple software application environments. These SMEs report that they lack the ability to access the information they need to make critical decisions when they need it. They face a pressing requirement for easy access to real-time information.
Most small and midsize companies view software purchases with caution, expecting tangible operational improvements before spending large sums of money. Priced right for companies with a few to several hundred employees, SAP Business One helps SMEs streamline their operational and managerial processes by providing the strategic advantage of robust and fully integrated financial, customer service, and sales management capabilities. “SAP Business One is right for those companies that recognize the importance of leveraging business software as an integral, strategic component of their business growth strategy,” says Koch.

One Day 2 Value

Omega is sensitive to the operational dynamics of its SME clients. Omega consultants, known as “Omegans”, work within the framework of a 3-Sigma process. They often suggest implementing in phases, doing the major 80 percent first. This means replacing legacy systems and getting the core solution elements completely in place and stabilized.
Then, at a later date, they tackle 80 percent of the remaining 20 percent. Then they work on 80 percent of that remaining 20 percent. This approach creates far less stress on the client’s organization.
This is where the One Day 2 Value approach is a good choice. It’s an Omega standardized process designed to provide a very rapid core installation and configuration of SAP Business One at a minimal fixed investment for clients that want to kick-start their implementation.
“Omega clients who have experienced One Day 2 Value have experienced half the costs and twice the speed of conventional implementations,” says Koch. “We have had incredible successes with this approach. In each case our clients have received the value they were expecting exactly when they were expecting it. We have found that taking the guesswork out of the process has helped to build trust and a positive ongoing relationship with our clients.”

Strategic investment support

Koch and his consultants recommend semi-annual audits to ensure that a solution is serving the client’s core processes. “It’s just like an 8-year old boy outgrowing his shoes,” observes Koch. “You have to keep buying shoes to keep up with his growth. In the same way, companies must match their systems to their growth.”
Koch tells clients, “Your infrastructure is absolutely crucial. Make friends with it.” He also helps them take a strategic viewpoint, understanding the value of continual tuning and upgrading of their working environment to keep track of changes in their business. “You have to keep investing,” he tells them, “or your systems will erode, at which point you’ll have to invest in a whole new system.”
Omega assigns a Client Services Manager to each new client. This person is responsible for proactively making contact at predetermined time intervals to ensure clients’ satisfaction with Omega’s services. In addition, Omega organizes and empowers its well-trained HelpDesk reps to ensure quick response and resolution of problems.
Omega understands that, as business philosopher Jim Rohn says, “If you make a sale you make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.”
To find out about Omega Group, visit http://www.omegagroup.com/
For more about SAP Business One solutions, link to: http://www.sap.com/solutions/smb/businessone/index.epx

Christine Macfarlane
Christine Macfarlane