ART Group Manages SAP-Hosting with F-IT

Following the blueprint phase, which is already underway, F-IT will productively operate the systems from the Weinheim data center starting in November 2005. The ART Group has created a sourcing strategy within the framework of introducing the mySAP ERP 2005 business management software. As part of this strategy, the company decided to seek an external IT service provider to operate the corresponding SAP systems. This ensures operational reliability while remaining as flexible as in other company departments. The use of an external data center brings the ART Group significant economic advantages. As a result, the supplier saves having to make additional investments in data security and availability in its own data center.
When choosing an IT service provider, the ART Group placed particular importance on system availability, service, and support. Equally important in this process were the choice of a medium-sized company and an attractive cost-performance ratio. Numerous IT consulting companies vied for this contract in the bidding process. In the end, the international IT service provider F-IT was selected with its “F-IT Compact” service offering. Its ability to offer comprehensive and flexible services throughout the complete lifecycle of SAP systems distinguished F-IT from competing bidders. In addition to hosting mySAP ERP, F-IT services will also include the operation of a separate SAP HR solution, EDI operation, and WAN connection to the ART site in Hockenheim.
“As an integral part of the value-added chain, our IT is subject to the same economic requirements as all ART company departments. We are therefore subject to the same pressure to reduce costs. Decisive factors for choosing an external solution are costs, availability, support, and the right partner. In F-IT we found a regionally-based and experienced IT service provider who cooperates with us on an equal footing,” emphasizes Marco Lucya, Director of Central Operations Organization and Information Technology at ART. The ART Group is currently launching mySAP ERP 2005. The project should be completed by summer 2006. At that point, it is expected that approximately 150 employees will use the applications for sales, materials management, production, accounting, controlling, and human resources management.

Source: Freudenberg IT