HumanConcepts Announces SAP Certified Integration and Software Partnership

Delivering proven results to customers, OrgPlus Enterprise for mySAP ERP HCM allows users to chart, view, analyze and model organizational data retrieved directly from mySAP ERP HCM. As a result, organizations can better manage their most valuable asset – their people. OrgPlus Enterprise further extends the value of mySAP ERP HCM by allowing customers to create and maintain organizational charts directly from the SAP solution through the HR Organizational Charting Interface (HR-OCI). OrgPlus Enterprise assists decision-making in all aspects of the employee lifecycle management process, including hiring, development, succession planning, budgeting, compensation and benefits and workforce modeling. Advantages include real-time connectivity to mySAP ERP HCM, adherence to SAP’s security architecture, and access to charts and associated employee directory information through the SAP Enterprise Portal or a company intranet.
Many of the world’s leading companies, across such diverse industries as healthcare, insurance, office products, and environmental management as well as government organizations, have chosen OrgPlus Enterprise for mySAP ERP HCM because it runs in a web browser, has an exceptional user interface, and offers advanced functionality through seamless integration with SAP solutions. For example, at a leading aviation services company using mySAP ERP HCM, management was concerned with promoting staff into key positions. The team needed to identify potential successors by capturing detailed employee attributes and assigning potential matches to future vacancies. They selected OrgPlus Enterprise because it provided straightforward
integration with mySAP ERP HCM, validated HR data visually in a picture, gave them a succession planning tool, and allowed employees to access charts and directories on the SAP Enterprise Portal.
“HumanConcepts is delighted to be recognized as an SAP Software Partner, with the world’s leading provider of business software solutions,” said Martin Sacks, CEO for HumanConcepts. “Our partnership with SAP and certification of OrgPlus Enterprise places HumanConcepts with a leading group of providers making its technologies available to customers, providing proven interoperability, seamless integration, critical functionality and unparalleled value.”

Source: HumanConcepts