IDS Scheer Austria Implements Supplier Portal Based on SAP NetWeaver

The objective of the project was to cut throughput times and simultaneously improve quality using the supplier portal for logistics and planning data, as well as to improve the flow of information. BRP-Rotax regularly works with some 170 suppliers in Austria and numerous other countries around the world. These include a large number of smaller suppliers who do not have access to integrated IT systems or the possibility to exchange data via EDI. The solution therefore had to take these circumstances into account.

Integration of logistics

Delivery schedules and JIT calls are automatically transferred from BRP-Rotax’s central SAP system into the internet portal. If information is entered, the supplier receives an e-mail with a link to the data. The data can be accessed using an ID and a password. A widely accepted standard based on the universal pdf format was used, which makes it possible for even smaller suppliers to connect quickly and easily to the system. The overview of all information called off via the portal has proved itself in a live environment, and allows escalation in good time. If the supplier does not confirm the JIT call, the system automatically generates an e-mail to remind the supplier and information for the material requirement planners at BRP-Rotax.

Systematic product development

Planning is everything in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). To ensure that all suppliers have access to the most recent plans in good time and via a simple process, these documents are transferred to the supplier portal via BRP-Rotax’s CAD systems. Working in conjunction with the Logistics department, which manages current purchasing activities, PLM is also ideal for communicating technical specifications. Prior to the introduction of the portal solution, each process at BRP-Rotax took 1.5 hours and required a total throughput time of some three days. With the portal solution, the processes can be completed in just 0.5 man-hours with a throughput time of 30 minutes. With 2750 dispatches each year, the savings are substantial. In addition to this, handling time is reduced significantly and there is a major increase in processing speed.

Technical basis

The solution runs on SAP NetWeaver technology/integration technology. Data is generated completely automatically at BRP-Rotax via the SAP system. SAP NetWeaver facilitates seamless interaction between various IT systems, thereby making a sizeable contribution to process optimization. The solution works on the basis of a combination of functional modules and transfer to the SAP Web Application Server, where the portal pages are generated.

Interfaces equal interaction

Dr. Wolfram Jost, Member of the Executive Board of IDS Scheer AG and responsible for the product division, had the following to say: “Our core focus is optimizing processes for our clients according to the ARIS methodology. The introduction of this supplier portal has enabled us to work closely with BRP-Rotax to implement a system that unites the strategic objectives of broad-based supplier integration with process optimization for our clients. We are thrilled that BRP-Rotax has received the e-Procurement Award 2005, and would like to extend our congratulations”.

Source: IDS Scheer AG