itelligence Announces “Go Live” at Aerospace Products International

API plans to increase its scope of third-party logistics services including inventory management and to expand those services globally. itelligence, a leading SAP Business Partner and U.S. Vertical Solution Reseller, provided API the world-class information infrastructure and rich functionality of SAP to improve organizational communications and provide clearer supply chain visibility with partners, vendors, and customers. mySAP All-in-One solutions are available from SAP channel partners and provide industry-specific, cost effective, and quickly implemented solutions for specific micro-vertical markets.
“itelligence’s expertise delivering the benefits of SAP best practices to midsize aerospace and defense companies made it the perfect partner for API,” said Dave Currence, chief information officer for API. “it.wholesale allows us to continue expanding our product offerings and to tailor our growth plan around our ERP infrastructure.” itelligence created it.wholesale for mid-size companies looking to quickly implement a powerful ERP solution that addresses their specific distribution industry needs. The solution accelerates sales order throughput and real-time visibility of pricing and stock levels across all locations. It is also the only solution that automatically handles special pricing considerations such as customer-specific discounts. With it.wholesale, companies can leverage complementary technologies to streamline enterprise and cross-enterprise collaboration, enabling distributors to quickly assimilate new facilities, products, partners and services into the enterprise-wide business solution.
“it.wholesale gave us 80 percent of what we needed out-of-the-box allowing us to focus the remaining 20 percent around the unique, value-added services that are important to our industry and to our customers,” said Currence. “Now, we can govern from a centralized location, with ‘one truth’, yet our infrastructure accommodates future growth including the company’s continuing international expansion.” itelligence and API completed the implementation in five months, well within the projected timeline. With guidance from itelligence, the aerospace company integrated a robust ERP system that made sense for API’s size and vertical market.
“Supply Chain Management is increasingly critical within the aviation industry. The part values are significantly higher than in other industries and unavailability of parts can mean millions of dollars of lost revenue. Precise inventory control is necessary to reduce expensive ‘just in case’ inventory while also increasing aircraft availability and customer satisfaction” said Currence. API plans to implement it.wholesale worldwide by February. “We’re pleased to add API to our expanding roster of companies in the midsize business space,” said Steve Niesman, itelligence U.S. president and CEO. “This further solidifies itelligence’s position as the leading choice for midsized companies seeking mySAP All-in-One solutions.”

Source: itelligence AG