Poised to Help SME Manufacturers Expand into China

Home to more than 20 percent of the world’s population, China has a growing economy rich in labor and consumers. China’s entry into the World Trade Organization lowered tariffs and opened up key sectors in its economy. For these and many more reasons, China presents an attractive opportunity for astute, forward-looking manufacturing companies.
Because of its long-term presence and extensive experience in the region, SoftBrands has a unique opportunity to introduce a localized Fourth Shift edition for SAP Business One solutions to Chinese manufacturers and to Western companies ready to expand their manufacturing operations into China.

Combining two powerhouses for SME manufacturers

The integration of the Fourth Shift Manufacturing Edition with SAP Business One serves the needs of repetitive, batch, make-to-order, discrete and mixed-mode manufacturers, as well as those that are on the path to lean or demand-driven operations. Designed to enable a rapid deployment schedule and fast return on investment, Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One includes enhanced CRM capability and the advanced SAP Business One interface is applied across the entire Fourth Shift solution. To the user it looks like SAP Business One. SoftBrands expects Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One to become the company’s leading manufacturing product.
For the Chinese market, SoftBrands is leveraging its vast experience in providing China-localized Fourth Shift solutions to enhance Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One with the same quality China-localized content. Commercially available in the US since April 2005, Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One is now being rolled out in other countries. The China-localized version will be widely available in the second half of 2006.

Building on a good reputation

Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One enables SME manufacturers to streamline their operations, improve efficiencies, and maximize profitability. Adding to its attractiveness is the excellent reputation SoftBrands has for assisting Western-based companies to grow and develop operations in the Asia/China region. Many factors contribute to this solid track record:

  • Long-term presence and extensive experience in the region
  • Excellent localized Chinese language software and support, with hotline, website support, bulletin board system (BBS) service, and Chinese technical newsletters
  • Regional offices that provide services, support, education, and training to customers all over China.
  • A development center in Tianjin with more than 40 employees
  • Availability of Fourth Shift (and soon, Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One) in Chinese, including the interface, online help, and training manual. Data can be entered into the system in Chinese or in English.
  • Direct support for companies in navigating complex legislation, languages, and customs native to the region
  • Assistance to companies in gaining approvals from local Chinese governments, including certificates that are difficult to obtain and required by some local governments

Key customers in China include Bosch, Litton, Maybelline, Gillette, Emerson, Kraft, Owens Corning, Caterpillar, Visteon, Viasystems, Pentair, Enersys Asia, Oriflame, James Dawson, and PepsiCo.
Fourth Shift customers are very active in China and have regular user group meetings and conferences to share their Fourth Shift knowledge, exchange ideas, and support each other. The advent of Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One will expand the expertise of these groups that are dedicated to continuously educating members, facilitating networking among colleagues – and influencing future product releases and direction.
To find out about Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One, visit http://www.fourthshiftedition.com/
For more about SAP Business One solutions, link to: http://www.sap.com/solutions/smb/businessone/index.epx

Christine Macfarlane
Christine Macfarlane