SAP and BASF IT Services Sign Partnership Contract for SAP Licences for Rent

HR is short for Human Resources and BPO for Business Process Outsourcing. With this partnership model, the BASF subsidiary can offer its customers a complete service solution in the human resources management e.g. payroll services and also the required software licenses.

A single source offers complete solutions

For the customer, this has significant advantages: In particular, small and medium sized companies, which have so far not implemented SAP can, as a BASF IT Services’ customer, now use the SAP software, without having to negotiate a license fee themselves. Another advantage lies in the model’s flexibility: The customers of BASF IT Services are not bound to a term of contract for a set amount, instead they pay a monthly rental, which is based on the actual number of software components used.
The partnership contract not only spans five years but it is also valid on an international basis. With the new license model, BASF IT Services can cover the whole service provision spectrum in the human resources management by using SAP-HR. Included here are payroll services, personnel administration, time management, company pension accounting, the company pension scheme, travel expenses as well as staff portals. Based on this model, BASF IT Services is able to offer a special solution package for payroll services in the public service sector.
“For non-BASF Group customers, who do not use SAP software and as such do not have SAP licenses, this partnership makes it possible to offer our HR services far quicker because the question of licenses no longer needs to be resolved“, says Peter Lügger, Head of BASF IT Services’ Human Resources Services Unit. “Plus, the customer receives all the solutions from one single source.“

Certification as prerequisite for partnership

A criteria for the SAP partnership is, amongst other things, the certification as a Customer Competence Center and also, certification as BPO partner. Prerequisite hereto is, for example, that staff who maintain the SAP systems, are sufficiently qualified and that the IT systems possess the necessary security criteria and emergency plans.

Source: BASF IT Services