The Information Management Group (IMG) Expands Its International Network Further

IMG already has more than ten local companies throughout Europe and will be seeking greater access to the French market with the assistance of Unilog. For its part, Unilog is interested in obtaining a stronger foothold in those regions where IMG has a more active presence, mainly in Eastern Europe. IMG’s CEO Prof. Thomas Gutzwiller sums up the cooperative agreement with Unilog in the following terms: “With Unilog, we have found a partner who will support us, and above all our clients, in our efforts to implement international business models in the French market. Globalization of the economy is increasing steadily and companies are on the lookout for competent consultants who can offer them counseling on an international scale. As a result of this cooperative agreement and the continual expansion of our network, we are able to offer our clients top-class consulting and know-how from a single source. One of the strategic challenges facing us over the next few years will be to “bundle” our partners’ services in the interests of our clients and to ensure their availability and superior quality.”
Jean-Paul Chéno, Unilog’s Director International Business Development, is likewise delighted with the new cooperative agreement: “We are pleased to have concluded a partnership which is to our mutual advantage, with IMG benefiting from Unilog’s outstanding market position in France and Unilog gaining from IMG’s established presence in Eastern Europe. With this agreement, Unilog is strengthening its network of partners on SAP projects. Our international clients require delivery capabilities not only in Western Europe, where Unilog is strongly established, but increasingly too in Eastern Europe. This agreement with IMG allows Unilog to offer a more complete service to its international clients.” For IMG’s clients, this collaborative agreement signifies a further step toward the international provision of high-quality consulting services. IMG has already established local companies in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan, with China due to be added to this list in the course of 2005. In addition to Unilog, IMG’s strategic partners include Magnus Asia, SAP AG, and the Institute of Information Management at the University of St. Gallen.

Source: Information Management Group