Create a Competitive Advantage

With the Siemens Soarian and SAP Healthcare solution, Siemens and SAP offer their combined expertise in a unique solution to support integrated clinical and administrative processes. It brings two best-in-class solution providers together to offer a solution that enables your organization to achieve integrated end-to-end processes, from clinical operations to the back office.
The returns receives range from lower total cost of technology ownership and better transparency and accuracy of financial data, to streamlined access to up-to-date patient data. Your organization can also benefit from reduced paper processing, greater staff efficiency, a potential reduction in the incidence of costly and dangerous errors – all of which lead to higher levels of patient satisfaction.
The Siemens Soarian and SAP Healthcare solution, an integration powered by SAP NetWeaver, will help transform healthcare in your organization. It will support your mission to deliver outstanding patient care, while pro viding the capability to establish and exceed financial and operational benchmarks. It provides the tools to transform your organization into a healthcare leader in the delivery of quality care and services.
When you choose Siemens and SAP, you receive a complete healthcare solution, surrounded by consulting services, process and change management services, and integration management. Your organization can use the comprehensive offering to achieve greater productivity and a more flexible, agile healthcare network.
A key part of the exceptional value offered by this solution comes from portal-based user interfaces configured according to the needs of the different roles in a healthcare organization. Exceptional returns also come as a result of integrated processes that encompass the complete value chain, from clinical to administrative processes, using built-in business analytics and reporting. The solution’s open architecture supports efficient processes throughout your enterprise.

Alexander Fischer