Heinrich Huhn GmbH Opts for itelligence AG as SAP Consultant

Jürgen Schneider, Head of IT and SAP Project Manager at Heinrich Huhn GmbH states, “We opted for itelligence AG’s it.automotive supplier using latest SAP technology with long-term investment protection, implemented by an SAP partner which understood our particular needs as a medium-sized enterprise. For medium-sized enterprises, SAP is the market leader for ERP solutions and has the largest number of reference clients of all ERP providers in the automotive segment. What is more, itelligence already has experience from various automotive supplier projects in switching from the old IKIAS solution.”
The it.automotive introduction takes place in several stages and will replace the previous DTM IKIAS system. In the first phase, accounting and administration with human resources financial accounting and controlling will be connected at the beginning of January 2006. Furthermore, in this phase, data exchange via the CAD Seeburger interface will be instituted. The CAD link is necessary. This is because as a development partner of the automotive supplier industry, Heinrich Huhn GmbH uses modern CATIA V5 CAD systems, with tools and equipment being manufactured and tested in the company’s own tool department.
In the second phase, the entire logistics including sales, materials management, production planning and control, tool making, maintenance and product data management is to be connected by June 2006. There is a connection using the Seeburger EDI converter for the automated external communication within the supply chain. In the third phase, it is planned to roll out it.automotive supplier in the Slovakian Heinrich Huhn plant from September 2006. Jürgen Schneider: “We wanted one solution for our automotive development processing, including production and toolmaking. Only the SAP industry solution it.automotive supplier satisfied all our requirements in respect to a future-oriented and integrated ERP software solution. Furthermore, itelligence, the SAP system house has offices close to our facilities in Germany and Slovakia.”
With certified interfaces, the holistic system world of it.automotive supplier provides transparency and standard business process for data from the PDV Hydra operating data system, QM quality management, the Kardex LVS inventory management system, the human resources time recording system PCS Intus (PZE) and the Datasec Doku@Web archiving solution. Manfred Wefers, Project Manager at itelligence AG: “We are very happy to be able to support Heinrich Huhn GmbH, a very well known mid-market automotive supplier with its SAP introduction in Germany and Slovakia as a one-stop provider.”

Source: itelligence AG