IDS Scheer is Grouping Forces for Accelerated Growth in the BPM Market

To do this, the IDS Scheer Group will be combining global control and local response organizationally in future. The aims are to strengthen sales and the centralized control of the ARIS product business among other things. IDS Scheer has redefined and further developed its product strategy throughout 2005 with the ARIS Platform. The clear aim is to become the world market leader or to consolidate the existing market leadership with the products and services of the ARIS Platform in all topical areas. This will require a growth in licenses well above the market average over the next 5 years. For this purpose, a powerful organization is being established to enable us to be better and faster than our competitors.
The basic goal of the planned reorganization is to set the signs for a sustainable corporate globalization and achieve an even clearer positioning of the product division. A new BPM Board (Business Process Management Board) will create an international body for the worldwide control of the product sector. In addition, an international central control of sales and development for the entire IDS Scheer Group will be established. Exchanges with the regional branches will be guaranteed by the appropriate regional structures. Central, worldwide support structures (Field Enabling Team) will ensure that the whole service portfolio is available to customers worldwide. This unit will not only place new knowledge in the hands of our own company units but also in the hands of IDS Scheer’s partners. The later supports the strategic goal of dynamically expanding total partner sales in the years to come.
Helmut Kruppke, CEO of IDS Scheer AG comments: “The markets are changing erratically. We have to do more than just react. We have to anticipate these developments and be able to offer our customers reliably excellent solutions worldwide. I am very optimistic that we will be able to achieve our ambitious growth targets.” Dr. Wolfram Jost, member of the Executive Board and head of the product division at IDS Scheer AG explains: “We have now created the organizational conditions to benefit from the local knowledge of individual branches and to make this globally available. By streamlining and centralizing our international sales we will guarantee the right customer address.”

Source: IDS Scheer