iTAC Software Achieves ‘Powered by SAP NetWeaver’ Certification

SAP NetWeaver is a comprehensive integration and application platform that forms the technical basis of all third-party solutions from SAP partners. The integration of easy works as a traceability solution connects mySAP ERP to the shop floor, enabling perfect coordination between the two levels and ensuring end-to-end business process modeling. Customers benefit from this integration with template-based process models and system installations and are able to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in integration and implementation. The SAP middleware technology facilitates the standardization and harmonization of the corporate IT infrastructure. In addition, the vertical integration between the production and business levels enables customers to determine the exact level of material stocks because the inventory postings are automated.
Users can quickly glean detailed information about any step in the production process, helping to underpin quality and ensure that only errorfree products leave the factory. The preventive quality measures include early-warning mechanisms that enhance quality while reducing costs, enabling users to react faster to changes in the production or logistics process. “Traceability is a key topic in the automotive industry, so we’re pleased that SAP is extending its product range in this area by working with iTAC,” said Dieter Meuser, founder and CTO of iTAC Software. “The ‘Powered by SAP NetWeaver’ certification is a confirmation of our solution’s high performance and marks us as a competent partner for traceability solutions in the SAP world.”

Source: iTAC