Release of SAP KM Repository Manager Expands you@web Portfolio from CONET

The new software enables organizations to benefit from the Knowledge Management (KM) functionality of SAP NetWeaver while keeping Lotus Domino as the basic system for information storage. Typical areas of use are, for example, the combination of Domino and non-Domino content in a source-spanning information pool or the integration of TREX (Text Retrieval and Information Extraction) and Repository Manager to form a search engine for any kind of Domino application.
The early adaptor customers currently involved express their confidence in the new software product’s first installations. “We are very much satisfied with the results”, Gerhard Peter, responsible project manager at Festo AG, a leading company in automation, says. Festo had a complex, historically evolved Domino infrastructure. The Repository Manager thus formed a key technology for Festo’s Internet presence and intranet alike. “Bringing information from Domino and SAP NetWeaver together via the SAP KM is definitely a step in the right direction. In the end, such a unification is the prerequisite for establishing a powerful search mechanism for our customers and employees, enabling them to identify relevant information faster,” Peter concludes.
The major challenge in developing the new software architecture lay in designing the application in such a way that all user groups are provided with the easiest mode of operation possible. “SAP Portal Administrator and Domino Administrator are, in the majority of cases, two different people”, Markus Marenbach, Director Portal Solutions at CONET, explains. In the customers’ working environment there were often up to 1,000 individual Domino databases arranged in vastly decentralised infrastructures. Because of this fact, CONET put special emphasis on the easy usability for all parties concerned in view of configuration and handling. “Now it is possible to connect a Domino database to the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal’s search engine (TREX) in less than two minutes.”
“We are already experiencing great interest in our new product”, Marenbach says. “This comes as no surprise to us. After all, depending on the regional market surroundings, between 40 and 60 percent of all SAP NetWeaver users do employ Lotus Domino as well. Thus by combining SAP NetWeaver with Domino the value of investments put into SAP NetWeaver and Domino are secured at the same time.” Consequently, SAP’s support in developing, consulting and sales had been excellent.
With the release of the SAP KM Repository Manager for Domino CONET continues to pursue its ongoing strategy of a consistent supplementation of integrative portal solutions for SAP NetWeaver. Last year, the Hennef-based IT systems and consulting provider had already expanded its range of solutions in the field of portal solutions with the you@web SAP EP Knowledge Director for Lotus Domino.

Source: CONET Solutions