SAP’s Newest CRM Release Makes Industry Gains

The Whirlpool Corporation, Bluefin Solutions and Purdue University are among the latest companies leveraging the recent release of mySAP CRM for better customer insight, improved decision-making and enhanced forecasting processes.

Whirlpool Corporation streamlines after-sales

Service to Boost Customer Loyalty Starting in the United Kingdom, appliance manufacturer Whirlpool is deploying mySAP CRM in its service operations to close a gap between the company and its customers. Previously, customers reporting product flaws and requesting repairs would dial a hotline that routed them to the service partner closest to their location. Partners would then set up service appointments directly with the customer. With the SAP Interaction Center application in mySAP CRM, Whirlpool will own and handle each customer interaction. The company’s call center agents will log complaints into a centralized workforce management solution that automatically generates work orders, which service partners can access via the Web from any location.
“We were looking for a CRM solution that would allow us to view vital business processes such as after-sales service through the customer point of view,” said Phil Sifrig, director of Information Systems, Whirlpool Corporation. “With mySAP CRM, we will have a comprehensive view of the customer, allowing us to build stronger bonds throughout the customer life-cycle while delivering quick, reliable service well beyond the original purchase.”

Bluefin Solutions manages business growth through improved account management

Bluefin Solutions, a UK-based consultancy and provider of SAP services, is implementing mySAP CRM as a central source of customer information to increase visibility across all customer touch points. In a three-phased implementation, Bluefin will provide account managers real-time customer information on historical and planned interactions, develop targeted marketing capabilities and replace its current Application Management helpdesk system.
“As a young company undergoing sustained and rapid growth and expansion of services, we need a comprehensive CRM solution with the functionality to handle a complex array of customer interactions,” said James Appleby, managing director, Bluefin Solutions. “The SAP CRM solution will help us increase productivity for both account managers and administrative staff while improving forecasting and decision-making processes.”

Purdue University innovates student recruitment processes with mySAP CRM

Based in West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University is expanding its existing SAP specifications to include the newest version of mySAP CRM to gain greater visibility into vital recruitment, service and marketing information. The CRM rollout is aimed at creating a central information source to connect faculty, staff and 70,000 students across Purdue’s numerous and diverse departments and campuses. “With mySAP CRM, admissions officers will have the ability to better elicit and analyze prospective student information, developing a 360-degree view of student profiles to drive targeted recruitment campaigns, class demographic construction and class revenue predictions,” said Douglas Christiansen, Purdue’s Dean of Admissions.
Purdue enrollment officers will access powerful analytical capabilities via SAP NetWeaver Portal to segment their recruitment pool based on candidate quality and probability of attendance, identify qualified applicants and address them with individually tailored marketing materials. Purdue also will leverage SAP’s integrated ERP and CRM enterprise infrastructure to increase admissions staff productivity and improve tuition revenue forecasts. “Customer successes with the newest version of mySAP CRM confirm SAP’s accomplishments in driving industry-specific business processes into the CRM solution mix ,” said Bob Stutz, senior vice president, CRM Global Strategy and Product, SAP. “Tapping the strengths of SAP’s solution set to extend IT investments and reach beyond enterprise boundaries, customers continue to embrace mySAP CRM as the solution of choice for making the ‘customer’ the centerpiece of business growth, product innovation and market strategy.”
First Announced in May 2005 and shipping to customers since late October, the newest version of mySAP CRM delivers another set of highly innovative business processes designed to meet specific needs of companies of all sizes in more than 25 industries. The latest customers join the ranks of other industry-leading SAP customers such as Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Brother International, Sony of Canada, and Global Enterprise Management Solutions (GEMS) that are similarly reaping the benefits of SAP’s latest fully-integrated CRM solution.

Source: SAP AG