SecurIntegration GmbH Opens New subsidiary

After the foundation of a first subsidiary in Barcelona (Spain) in Mai 2005, SecurIntegration GmbH quickly continues the realisation of its expansion policy with the opening of a second subsidiary at the SAP Partnerport in Walldorf. The offices of the Walldorf branch are located at SAP Partnerport, Altrottstrasse 31 in 69190 Walldorf, Germany, Tel.: +49 (6227) 381-427 and Fax: +49 (6227) 381-200. Especially the close proximity to strategic partners – VIRSA, Citrix, realTech and SAP – offered the company, that places great importance on the cooperation with partner firms, an incentive for the decision.
Guido Schneider, CEO of SecurIntegration GmbH, anticipates successful business development from the beginning on: “The central location of our offices in the middle of a growing business park as well as the close proximity to our biggest partner SAP AG, in the future allows for an even tighter cooperation in the area of SAP security consulting and solution development for the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. I am confident that the new subsidiary will further intensify the cooperation with our partners and that our customers will benefit from the results.”

Source: SecurIntegration