Vertex O Series Products Certified for Integration with SAP Web Application Server

Vertex O Series 2.2 solutions for sales tax, consumer use tax, and value added tax (VAT) have been verified to enable SAP customers to greatly reduce the cost of processing taxes and provide unprecedented flexibility, automation and efficiency. SAP rigorously tested Vertex Central, Vertex’s Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) component, to ensure that customers can confidently install and deploy Vertex O Series on the SAP WebAS, which is part of the “SAP NetWeaver” initiative designed to empower SAP partners with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform for building new business applications. Integrating the O Series with SAP’s standards-based infrastructure for developing reliable business applications allows tax professionals to process sales, consumer use and value added tax with much greater efficiency and accuracy.
Like SAP Web Application Server, Vertex O Series products utilize object-oriented, industry standard technologies, such as Java, HTML, XML and SOAP, to provide the greatest deployment and integration flexibility available in a tax solution today. Vertex solutions have been affirmed to meet SAP’s high quality standards for integration; therefore, Vertex is listed as a software partner with certified solutions on SAP’s online product directory. “Receiving the Certified for SAP NetWeaver certification for Vertex O Series on SAP Web Application Server validates the development of products using open standards,” says Jack Ferraioli, Vice President of Customer Relationship Development at Vertex. “We continue to work closely with SAP as both a strategic partner and a Vertex user by providing advanced tax products deployed on leading platforms such as SAP NetWeaver.”

Source: Vertex