A Successful Pair for Optimizing Procurement

Peter Schlemmer, director of product sales for the SAP national office in Germany, introduced the innovations of the SAP solution for supplier relationship management (SRM): mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (mySAP SRM) The new release – SAP SRM 5.0 – features a completely redesigned order system. The solution now contains attachments, texts, and a description of the order. Contract management functions have been improved, as have the auction, bidding, and operational procurement functions. The new release integrates invoice verification and the Collaboration Projects (cProjects) suite. It also includes the SAP Invoice Management application, which offers a central tool for monitoring and processing all invoices, regardless of the system in which they were posted.
An additional area involves supplier evaluation, an increasingly important part of the strategic orientation of procurement. Content here reaches from registration to the analysis of questionnaires. Suppliers can change some of the content in the database. Procurement of services is also linked to supplier evaluation for the first time.

Seamless interplay

Lectures, reports on practices, and live demonstrations taught conference participants how the solutions from SAP and Heiler work together. Christopher Knörr and Andreas Eisel of Heiler Software demonstrated how to import a new supplier catalog in the BMEcat standard, automatic technical validation of data, direct error correction in the system, and how to import the new, updated Heiler PBC Premium Business Catalog.
The Heiler PBC Premium Business Catalog has an intuitive user interface that allows trouble-free navigation through product classes, supplier catalogs, and product groups. It also features flexible options for searching by key words and characteristics, for similarities, and exact matches along with phonetic and iterative searches.

Noticeable advantages in the real world

The example of UBS AG, a banking group, clarifies the numerous advantages that mySAP SRM and Heiler PBC Premium Business Catalog offer to companies. The group’s locations in Switzerland integrated the multisupplier catalog from Heiler into its existing SAP environment with SAP Enterprise Buyer – with noticeable advantages for catalog and content management. “Digital billing sank costs by one-half, so we were able to save about 12 million Euro with our annual transaction volume of 160,000,” says Norbert Oertlin, director of content management at UBS.
The offerings of Heiler Software are not limited to software solutions. The company also offers leasing services and is an application service provider. To some extent, these offerings include the use of licenses, which are processed in monthly installments.


Sibylle Hofmeyer
Sibylle Hofmeyer