SAP Expands Arsenal of Nearly 600 mySAP All-in-One Partner Solutions

Each offering includes built-in best practices for managing business processes within a specific industry, giving the new solutions the ability to address diverse industries ranging from biotechnology, plant construction and transportation services to aviation and fashion retailing. The latest additions to the world’s largest portfolio of micro-vertical solutions for SMEs, the 39 new offerings are part of more than 100 new solutions introduced in the last 12 months and nearly 600 qualified mySAP All-in-One partner solutions available in more than 50 countries and used by more than 7,100 customers worldwide.
Midsize enterprises require business management solutions that provide the same advantages enjoyed by larger competitors, yet are priced and sized to fit their resources and demands for fast results, rapid return on investment and high quality support. mySAP All-in-One solutions from SAP partners enable these companies to adopt proven industry best practices for managing core areas of the business while allowing customization to maintain the unique processes that distinguish companies from their competitors of all sizes.
“We were looking for a way to gain better control over information across our entire enterprise, insight into the profitability of our products and operations and the ability to compete more effectively within our industry,” said Rafael Villnueva, finance director, TAG Aviation, a provider of private aviation services to the United States and Europe that is headquartered in Spain. With business_aviation@altim from mySAP All-in-One partner Altim Technologíes de Información, TAG was able to cost effectively deploy the industry solution within three months and now has immediate access and a unified view of accurate, mission-critical information necessary to efficiently manage the company.

Industry expertise built in

Qualified mySAP All-in-One partner solutions support predefined business processes and industry best practices and can be individually configured to meet specific customer needs. SAP channel partners build the solutions based on SAP Best Practices, developed by SAP and its partners over more than 33 years of serving the world’s leading companies of all sizes. Partners then add capabilities to support micro-vertical processes based on their unique industry knowledge and expertise. mySAP All-in-One solutions are sold, deployed and supported by SAP channel partners as defined-scope implementations.
The new solutions include Ki4 Medical Devices, developed to address the needs of midsize makers of medical devices by Ki Solutions, LLC. With pre-configured capabilities for managing industry processes such as FDA compliance, patient device tracking and shelf-life management, Ki4 Medical Devices harnesses the power of SAP’s manufacturing industry expertise to fit the price, resource and process requirements of midsize manufacturers and distributors of medical supplies, diagnostics and implants. “SAP gave us building blocks for our solution, which set the standard for the manufacturing industry, and the support we needed as a partner to deliver a successful product to satisfy a very targeted industry segment,” said Paula Milano, CEO, Ki Solutions, LLC.
The Pharmsys solution from CVSIT Services India, Pvt. Ltd. provides capabilities for midsize pharmaceutical companies to manage industry-specific processes such as the manufacturing of bulk drugs, generics and formulations; loan licensing; customer material tracking; planning and costing; and active-ingredient material quantity calculations. “Pharmsys allowed us to implement proven processes for complying with regulatory requirements such as FDA, undergoing various audits and meeting other challenges specific to our industry,” said Mr. Anurag Bagaria, vice president, KEMWELL Pvt. Ltd., a contract manufacturing company, serving major pharmaceutical companies for more than 25 years. “The mySAP All-in-One solution allowed us to accelerate deployment and gives us an integrated platform that can manage our business needs today and accommodate our growth well into the future.”
Additional new mySAP All-in-One solutions from SAP partners address microvertical industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer products (food), grocery retailing, sea transport, project management, construction components, trucking and warehousing, chemicals, textiles, publishing, automotive dealership, steel products and diamond trade and promotion. For more information on the new solutions, where they are available and the partners that offer them, please see the accompanying fact sheet.
“mySAP All-in-One solutions give midsize enterprises all of the benefits of SAP’s industry-leading enterprise management technology, developed and delivered by a network of local partners that share our industry expertise and absolute commitment to long-term customer satisfaction,” said Donna Troy, senior vice president, Global SME Indirect Channel organization, SAP AG. “Our mySAP All-in-One partners are as much a part of the solutions as the software, and these new offerings will help even more companies benefit from industry best practices and become best-run businesses with SAP.”

Source: SAP AG