SAP Raises the Bar in Support with Enhanced, Customer-Driven Offering

SAP Premium Support is based on customer and market research by SAP, revealing customers’ increasing recognition of the importance of support and preference for ever closer engagement with SAP throughout the deployment life cycle. The offering provides a new option in between SAP Standard Support, widely recognized as one of the best-value support offerings among enterprise application providers, and SAP MaxAttention, a high-end offering tailored to match the specific needs of larger global enterprises.
Providing customers of all sizes and industries a privileged support engagement for an unmatched price/performance ratio, SAP Premium Support is designed to drive heightened customer responsiveness and help ensure continuity of service. It offers even faster issues resolution, annual IT assessments and a designated support advisor, who serves as a personal, day-to-day contact for support-related topics. “The Premium Support offering closes the gap between Standard Support and MaxAttention,” said Matt Healey, senior research analyst for Software and Hardware Support Services at IDC. “The access to a designated support advisor and the system assessments will be particularly valuable to customers who have critical business processes running on SAP software.” SAP offers customers three distinct services offerings:

  • SAP Standard Support is the basic offering from SAP and covers four areas: continuous improvement, quality management, knowledge transfer and issues resolution, while offering SAP Solution Manager and SAP Service Marketplace. SAP offers standard support at 17 percent of the annual net license fee.
  • SAP Premium Support augments SAP Standard Support with individual services and a designated support advisor and is offered at 22 percent of the annual net license fee.
  • SAP MaxAttention is offered to large enterprise customers whose operations demand mission-critical, customized support. It includes a permanent on-site support team, an executive sponsor and SAP Safeguarding, a service portfolio that manages the risks involved in complex implementation projects. It keeps costs in line and helps ensure that the go-live date is met and the implementation project ends with a technically robust SAP solution.

“Through this additional support offering, SAP will now be able to provide customers of different size with a support program to suit their individual needs,” said Mike Perroni, president of Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) and vice president of IT at Halliburton. “SAP Premium Support could definitely serve the medium-size customers well where appropriate by offering them designated representatives that in the past were only available to the largest of enterprise customers.”

Individual service to strengthen successful partnerships

Based on SAP’s experience in continuously improving the value of its solutions and reducing operations costs, SAP Premium Support delivers comprehensive technical and operational assessments and actionable recommendations. Under the program, the support advisor guides the customer through the implementation of recommendations and helps ensure a close relationship to SAP. “SAP has designed its support services to deliver optimum value to its customers,” said Gerhard Oswald, member of the executive board, SAP AG, responsible for global service and support. “SAP Premium Support completes our available support road map by empowering customers to use their existing solutions to continually improve their core business processes and fully realize their IT investment goals.”
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Source: SAP AG