Enabling SAP Users to Address Issues Created by the Growth of Application Data

ArchiveBridge is a cross-application software solution from Gamma which enables SAP users to archive and retrieve SAP data and associated business documents (scanned images, text, MS Word and .PDF files, etc.) into and from external content repositories such as Enterprise Vault. It builds on SAP’s ArchiveLink specification to deliver enhanced, long-term archival and retrieval functionality for customers looking for the benefits of strategically managing their SAP data growth.
Enterprise Vault enables organizations to archive and manage email, instant messages, Microsoft SharePoint and file system documents. It provides a secure, tamper-proof central repository for these business records, helping companies comply with all electronic records retention regulations while driving down costs through improved user productivity and efficient use of storage hardware. Positioned in the leader quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for E-Mail Active-Archiving Market, 2005, the Enterprise Vault archiving platform enables companies to utilize the same system for archiving SAP data as used for email, documents and other electronic content.

Boosting application performance and response times

Average response time increases as databases grow and a slower response time directly impacts productivity across the organization. The VERITAS Enterprise Vault and ArchiveBridge solution enables SAP managers and administrators to remove old or inactive data from the SAP production system and thereby provide a leaner, faster, higher performance environment. According to Gartner analyst Raymond Paquet, shrinking the size of an SAP production database can improve the performance of some key operations by up to 40 percent.

Lowering storage costs

Despite declining raw storage prices, enterprise-level storage is expensive. According to industry sources and storage vendors, the media itself typically represents only 10 to 15 percent of the total cost of ownership. Furthermore, most SAP environments have multiple copies of the production database for backup recovery, QA, training, “sandboxes”, etc. Archiving SAP data reduces the size and thereby the storage requirement for the live system as well as for the overall environment. In addition to this, Enterprise Vault allows the use of far less expensive storage devices. This dramatically cuts storage TCO.

Reducing administration costs

SAP is a mission critical application and high availability is a key requirement. The larger the database, the longer it takes to complete routine operations (such as backup/recovery) and the greater the risk of downtime. Archiving SAP data has been shown to reduce by up to 50 percent the time it takes to perform backups, restores and other administrative tasks. Furthermore, upgrading to a new SAP version is significantly more efficient if the production system is smaller. Archiving before an upgrade provides the double benefit of reducing the production footprint as well as speeding the upgrade.

Improving corporate governance

Regulatory compliance is a major concern of companies today, which see a need to retain data and records from within many of its applications. A sound archiving and retrieval strategy helps mitigate risk when it comes to managing corporate governance. Using Enterprise Vault and ArchiveBridge, SAP records and the documents associated with those records can be safely and securely removed from production and vaulted into less expensive storage systems and easily recalled when needed. Additionally, Enterprise Vault provides the ability to archive and manage the data lifecycle for content from other vital applications such as email, office productivity and business software.

Simple, streamlined, best-in-class

Since the release of our popular InfoShuttle product, Gamma has been leading the charge against the problems created by the unbridled growth of application data. Today, companies in every industry use our products to selectively replicate sub-sets of data and speed up the creation of smaller development, QA and training systems. Gamma is pleased to bring to market a solution that addresses the problem of data growth at its source, in the production system, by combining our long history and deep expertise in SAP data management with the robust technology of the leading archiving platform. VERITAS Enterprise Vault is used by companies around the world as a powerful and secure repository for e-mail and other business documents. It is designed to store content from multiple sources and the combination of Enteprise Vault and ArchiveBridge extends the benefits of the Enterprise Vault archiving framework to SAP customers looking for a unified, streamlined best-in-class archiving solution.

Source: Gamma Enterprise Technologies