Redwood Software Announces Global Reseller Agreement with SAP for Extended Job Scheduling

Available under the brand, ‘SAP Central Job Scheduling by Redwood,’ the solution will enable centralized management of SAP and non-SAP solutions workload, delivering increased productivity and reduced management costs for SAP customers. The partnership between Redwood Software and SAP is supported by a growing number of high-end SAP customers including Freudenberg-IT, Basell Polyolefins and T-Mobile. “We are already realizing significant benefits from the broad functionality of Cronacle” says Pim Verboon, senior manager ICT Infrastructure EMEA, Epson Europe. He continues, “With this partnership in place, we can maximize the return on our existing IT investments and meet our strategic goals with ease.”

SAP Central Job Scheduling by Redwood, a ‘Powered by SAP NetWeaver’ solution, will complement and enhance the existing Job Scheduling capabilities of SAP NetWeaver, which is jointly developed by Redwood Software and SAP and embedded as a standard component of SAP NetWeaver. The solution extends job scheduling capabilities to provide real-time, event-driven process automation for both SAP and now also for non-SAP solution environments across multiple platforms, while enabling comprehensive centralized management. With this offering customers gain the capability of simplifying the operations of their SAP and non-SAP system(s) landscape and resulting in reduced TCO through consolidation.
“SAP is committed to working closely with its partners to help us deliver complete solutions to our customers,” said Hans-Juergen Uhink, senior vice president, Business Development, SAP AG. “Today, there is a high demand for the Redwood solution, and we’re very glad to extend our partnership with Redwood so that we can now offer the job scheduling and process automation solution to our customers.”
“SAP and Redwood Software have been working together for many years to deliver unprecedented levels of process automation efficiency to SAP customers,” said Tijl Vuyk, president and CEO of Redwood Software. “By making this technology readily available to their customers, SAP can ensure that best practices for SAP and non-SAP solution process automation can easily be adopted establishing a future proofed, ESA ready architecture for process automation.”
“We are very excited to bring our partnership to the next level,” said Anjo de Heus, senior vice president of Business Development at Redwood Software. “The extension of the existing OEM agreement means that SAP users can source a comprehensive solution for management, integration and mediation of SAP and non-SAP application workload.”

Source: Redwood Software