SecurIntegration Selects Entrust IdentityGuard

At the core of the product is the grid card authentication option, a physical form-factor part of Entrust IdentityGuard, which is used in addition to user-name and password. The grid shows an assortment of alphanumeric characters in a row/column format. After a user enters his or her user-name and password, the grid authentication system further prompts the user for the content of some randomly chosen grid cells on the user’s card. Only a person in possession of their card will be able to answer the grid challenge correctly to gain secure access to the SAP Enterprise Portal.
“As enterprises expand the scope of their data and application sharing, strong authentication is required so that content is only made available to authorized users,” said Hans Ydema, Managing Director of EMEA at Entrust. “By integrating Entrust IdentityGuard into the SI EP/Agent product, SecurIntegration is helping to enable SAP customers to access a wider range of information and resources – both remotely and on-site – cost-effectively and securely.” To provide mutual authentication, the system is designed to replay to the user the content of grid cells or the serial number of the individual cards, thus proving to the user that the site itself is legitimate and has not been spoofed. In this way, both the site and user can receive an indication of one another’s authenticity.

Source: SecurIntegration