Arizona Electric Power Cooperative Makes Safe Passage to SAP

Using mySAP ERP, SAP’s market-leading enterprise resource planning solution, AEPCO and its sister cooperatives – Sierra Southwest Cooperative Services, Inc. and Southwest Transmission Cooperative, Inc. – will consolidate approximately 100 disparate legacy systems onto a single, integrated platform, streamlining business processes for improved usability across its three cooperative organizations. This move will aid in the modernization of internal systems and help AEPCO preserve its intellectual property. “We realized the need to modernize our business processes and move to a more streamlined and integrated approach in order to increase enterprise visibility in our internal operations,” said Lee Anne Wilfert, CIO of Sierra. “SAP was the natural choice – it offered a complete, flexible, enterprise-wide, integrated solution and the reassurance of knowing we were partnering with a stable vendor that could support us for the long term.”
AEPCO values its employees and all that they bring to the business. By standardizing business processes on a single, integrated, enterprise platform, AEPCO will be able to preserve the valuable working knowledge, trade secrets, networking contacts and customer information that resides in each employee’s head. By transferring this knowledge to a place where it can be stored, shared and accessed by the entire company – from employees at the electric generation plant site to the boardroom – AEPCO will be able to save time and money on training new employees, decrease the drain on company knowledge resources and increase productivity among workers.
“We are dedicated to building and maintaining a strong relationship with AEPCO as the company undergoes this significant business transformation,” said Bill McDermott, president and CEO, SAP Americas. “The SAP Safe Passage program gives companies an affordable way to protect their current investments, ease integration with the SAP NetWeaver platform and begin the process of innovating their businesses today.” AEPCO’s business transformation is already underway and is slated to go-live later this year. As the cooperative evaluates the integration of business processes, it will consider other SAP software options that could enhance its business practices.

Source: SAP AG