SAP Furthers Global RFID Dialogue in China

Bringing together high-level representatives from Chinese industry, government and academia to examine the potential of RFID to drive business efficiency and competitiveness in China, the event underlines SAP’s commitment to the global promotion of dialogue and the development of the technology. Hosting the panel discussion is SAP Executive Board Member Claus Heinrich, whose recent book on RFID is being launched at the event in a Chinese-language edition. With China’s rapid domestic growth and ever stronger role within global business networks, the country’s industrial base stands to benefit substantially from RFID technology. Still, a number of hurdles must be overcome for China to tap the full potential of the technology that is gaining increasing importance as the linchpin of global supply chains.
Topics of the panel discussion include factors driving RFID adoption in China and how the technology stands to transform key industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, automotive and retail. The panel is also examining how to address barriers to adoption of RFID in China, such as perceived high costs and technology and implementation obstacles. “With China’s ever stronger role in the global economy, it’s crucial for China to leverage new technologies such as RFID,” said Claus Heinrich, member of the executive board, SAP AG. “RFID adoption in China will affect not only local businesses but will drive supply chain efficiency, visibility and adaptability for companies of all sizes and industries worldwide.”
In addition to Claus Heinrich, other panelists include Mr. WAN Qing Fu, vice president of Shanghai Agricultural Products Wholesale Market (SHNCP), SAP’s first commercial RFID customer in China; Luke Wang, general manager of IT solutions provider Comgroup; Professor MIN Hao of Fudan University and director of Auto-ID Labs, China; and Shang-Ling JUI, president of SAP Labs China. The discussion will be moderated by Mr. Wilson WAN, deputy general manager of IDC China. The China RFID panel discussion is the fifth in a series of conferences and discussions convened by SAP around the world to examine the issues surrounding the adoption of RFID technology and its potential to transform businesses. Previous sessions included events in Berlin in September 2004; in Brussels in December 2004; in Washington DC in June 2005 and an additional European summit also in Brussels in September 2005. SAP has been researching RFID since 1998, and has played a leading role in the development of industry-driven RFID business applications.

Bringing real world awareness to Chinese businesses

During the panel discussion, Claus Heinrich is also sharing relevant observations from his recent book, RFID and Beyond: Growing Your Business Through Real World Awareness. In the book, Heinrich explains how technologies such as RFID, readers, sensors and software come together to enable a much larger concept called Real World Awareness. Real World Awareness means access to useful, real-time data and information that allows companies to recognize and respond rapidly and effectively to changes in the market and their business environment. The book provides a framework for executives to apply Real World Awareness to their own businesses, and illustrates its concepts with case studies from renowned global businesses from around the world. The book offers indispensable insight for Chinese executives, who must guide their businesses to success in one of the world’s fastest growing and fastest changing global markets.

Source: SAP AG