Fossil Selects UC4 Software for Timely Implementation of SAP Solutions

“We evaluated an exhaustive list of vendors for our environment which is heavily focussed on SAP applications,” said Ed Jurica, CIO of Fossil. “UC4:global was the best product to meet Fossil’s needs. UC4:global’s ability to manage SAP applications and enterprise capabilities are critical to maintain the accuracy and reliability of our operations.” In a product comparison, UC4 Software’s ability to integrate with SAP solutions made them the ideal choice for managing Fossil’s worldwide operations processes, which are run out of the company’s Richardson, Texas data center.
“The flexibility to integrate all background processes including those of SAP applications is an essential requirement for many corporations, including Fossil,” said Mark Loehr, COO of UC4 Software. “We understand that running a worldwide operation requires a job scheduling tool that efficiently manages and integrates all processes no matter what platform or application a company uses.”

Source: UC4